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The Treaty Of Versailles

No description

Ian Wiggs

on 18 April 2018

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Transcript of The Treaty Of Versailles

Terms of The Treaty:
#1) War Guilt.
Germany had to accept ALL blame for starting World War 1. This is despite the fact that Austria was the first country to declare war.

The guilt of 9 million dead soldiers was now on the heads of the German people.

Most importantly, by accepting the guilt, the Germans had to accept all the other terms of the treaty without question.
What was it?
The Treaty of Versailles was the peace treaty that was signed in order to officially finish World War 1.

It took seven months to write and it was signed at the palace of Versailles on the 28th of June, 1919.

The Treaty of Versailles is often blamed for being a major cause of World War 2.
Who Wrote It?
USA President: Woodrow Wilson
German Reaction to the Treaty:
Today in the Hall of Mirrors of Versailles the disgraceful treaty is signed. Do not forget it! The German people with unceasing labour press forward to reconquer the place among nations to which it is entitled. Then will come the vengeance for the shame of 1919.
Another German Reaction...
Only fools, liars and criminals could hope for mercy from the enemy. In these nights hatred grew in me, hatred for those responsible for the dead.
Hitler and the Treaty
Hitler at school
The Treaty Of Versailles
The Path To World War II
He wanted to make sure the treaty
would make another war impossible.
British PM: Lloyd George
He wanted the Germans to repay the damages they caused during World War 1
French Premier: Clemenceau
He wanted revenge on Germany and wanted the Germans to be punished
Terms of The Treaty:
#2) Loss of German Territories
Due to Imperialism, Germany had lots of colonies in Africa. Germany had to give up all of their colonies.

Germany could not have any troops in the Rhineland. This was the area between Germany, Belgium and France. This was to prevent Germany from having its troops in a position to invade another country.
Terms of The Treaty:
#3) German Army Restrictions.
Germany was prevented from having an army large enough to invade again.
Terms of The Treaty:
#4) German Reparations
As Germany accepted the guilt for starting the war, they had to pay money to other countries as compensation. This was used to repair damage made by the battles as well as to punish Germany.
Terms of The Treaty:
#5) League of Nations.
The League of Nations was the first version of the United Nations.

It was meant to be an open forum where world leaders discuss their problems to sort them out, instead of having a war.

...it didn't quite work, but that was the idea
Army Size: 100,000 Men
All soldiers were volunteers: NO Conscription
NO tanks, aircraft or submarines
A maximum of six battleships.
Germany had 48 battleships at the start of WW1.
They were forced to pay $63 Billion dollars. In today's money? That's $768 Billion dollars.
- Deutsche Zeitung
German Newspaper
- Adolf Hitler
Hitler seated far right

Don't forget: Hitler was a soldier during World War 1. He was awarded an Iron Cross which is one of the highest military honors. This was especially rare considering he had what was considered to be a "low" rank in the military.
Hitler basically considered the Treaty of
Versailles to be a personal insult to himself
and the friends he saw killed during
World War 1. Considering he was at battles
such as the battle of Ypres, Passchendale and wounded at the Somme, he saw a lot.
In your own words, describe what the 5 terms of the treat were.

Who were the main people that wrote the treaty and which parts do you think they were responsible for?

Do you think it was fair that the Germans were not present for the writing of the treaty?

What did Hitler think about the treaty?

In a paragraph, explain whether or not you think the treaty was fair.
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