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King Henry VIII - A Machiavellian Prince

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taylor morgan

on 21 September 2015

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Transcript of King Henry VIII - A Machiavellian Prince

rule by fear in order to keep order
must be war-wise (always think of war, even in time of peace
selfish to get things you want
scheming and cunning to fulfill your plans
Ruling by Fear
Machiavelli talks about how in order to keep order and peace, it is better to rule by fear.

In Machiavelli's book "The Prince" he states, "
men loving according to their own will and fearing according to that of the prince, a wise prince should establish himself on that which is his own control and not in that of others
Ruling by Fear
King Henry VIII demonstrated this characteristic in many ways:
Henry VIII executed two of his wives, Anne Boelyn and Catherine Howard, because he accused them of adultery.
He falsely charged Thomas Wolsey, a Catholic cardinal, with treason because he did not deliver Henry VIII's annulment from Catherine fast enough.
King Henry VIII displayed that throughout his time as a ruler, he constantly thought of war. When Henry VIII first became a ruler, there were only 5 warships. By the end of his life, there were around 50 or more warships.
In "The Prince", Machiavelli talks about how you must be selfish sometimes to get what you want.

The book states, "
At this point one may note that men must be either pampered or annihilated. They avenge light offenses; they cannot average severe ones; hence, the harm one does to a man must be such as to obviate any fear of revenge
In Machiavelli's book "The Prince", he explains that a prince must always think of war, even in times of peace.

Machiavelli states, "
He should therefore, never take his mind from this exercise of war, and in peacetime he must train himself more than in time of war ... he must turn [peacetime] to his advantage in order to be able to profit from [it] in times of adversity, so that, when fortune changes, she will find prepared to withstand such times.
King Henry VIII - A Machiavellian Prince
by - Taylor Morgan

King Henry VIII wanted a male heir to the throne. Catherine didn't give hime one so he divorced her. In the process, that caused a split in the Catholic Church and formed the Church of England
Machiavelli talks about how to fulfill plans you need to be cunnin and scheming

Machiavelli states, "
He who will, therefore, carefully examine the actions of this man will find him a most valiant lion and a most cunning fox; he will find him feared and respected by everyone.
King Henry VIII framed other religions to make them look bad. The reason for this was to take over them and/or gain political power.
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