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The Hunger Games Final Project

Brandon Hayer & Zuhaeb Hussan

Brandon Hayer

on 22 May 2011

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Transcript of The Hunger Games Final Project

The Hunger Games Violence/War Theme: The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins has a prominent theme of violence/war. For the war part
Suzanne Collins is referencing how present day countries are becoming more imperialistic and want to gain control of the world and that dictators are naturally corrupt. For the violence part Suzanne Collins is telling us about how human beings like to see other living things fight for entertainment and how being violent is sometimes the only way to survive. She also says that being violent is part of human nature. Example 1: In the setting of the Hunger games the world is shaped very differently from the wars. The Country Panem is where North America used to lie and is split up into 12 districts. A rebellion broke out between the capitol and the districts (pg #18). The districts loss the rebellion and the capitol destroyed
district 13 as a result. The Hunger games are based on this war torn nation of Panem. This connects to the theme because Countries nowadays are trying to expand and gain more power like the United States of America. Example 2: The actual Hunger games itself is a direct relationship the theme. The Hunger games are a
punishment for the rebellion of the districts (pg# 18). What the Hunger Games is that the capitol takes
two tributes from each district and makes them fight to the death in various arenas, each one differing
from the previous games (pg # 18). They do this because they want to remind the districts that they’re
at the mercy of the capitol. The theme connection here is that the capitol treats the Hunger Games as a
form of entertainment; they enjoy watching the tributes from each other fight and kill themselves. This applies to us in a more exaggerated way because human beings do enjoy watching other living beings
fight amongst each other. An example of this would be Ufc, cage fighting, cock fighting, dog fights, wrestling etc. Example 3: From the following quotations “The boy from District 1 dies before he can pull out the spear,” “My arrow drives deeply into the center of his neck. He falls to his knees and halves the brief remainder of his life by yanking out the arrow and drowning in his own blood.” (pg #233) We see that Katniss has finally shown her killer instinct in the novel because this is her actual first kill in the Hunger Games. She did this out of anger and survival because the boy that she killed has initially killed Rue (pg# 232), if she hadn’t killed the boy she would have been next. Co-relation to the theme would be that if you’re in a war like situation sometimes you need to be violent in order to stay alive and that you can’t just non aggressive or you’ll die. Example 4: “Peeta is planning how to kill you” (pg # 72) is when Katniss realizes the reality of the
situation she is put in. Peeta being the other tribute from district 12 is one of Katniss’s foes in the Hunger Games and will have to potentially kill Katniss or vice versa. This relates to the theme of violence because if we continue the quotation katniss says “the more likeable he is, the more deadly he is” which means that Katniss doesn’t want to attach herself to Peeta because she knows she will eventually have to kill him. If she doesn’t then Peeta will kill her because you have to kill the other tributes in the Hunger games to win freedom. That is how it connects to the theme because they have to be violent in order to
survive. Example 5: “Surely there must be one sponsor willing to take me on and with a little extra help, some foods, with the right weapons, why should I count myself out of the games.” (pg# 70) After Katniss got over the fact that she was actually in the Hunger Games, she realized that she could actually win because she has a lot of experience with hunting and killing animals. This would help her tremendously because she knows how to collect food but the only difference is that know she has to kill humans too.
The quotation relates to theme because Katniss is realizing that now she has to kill to survive people to survive and she accepts that. Example 6: “I slam my palms into his chest. He loses his balance and crashes into an ugly urn filled with fake flowers. It shattered and cuts Peeta’s hand spilling blood everywhere.” (pg# 134) This happened because Peeta had announced his love for Katniss in front of the whole country of Panem. Katniss confronted him without talking and just pushed him without warning. This relates to the theme because it shows how sometimes people are violent. Katniss was being irrational because Peeta announced his love and she flipped out. Example 7: “The earlier revision has been revoked. Closer examination of the rule book has been disclosed that only one winner maybe allowed” (pg # 342). During the middle of the Hunger games half of the tributes were killed then the announcer announced that there was a rule change that the two tributes from the same district can win the games. Katniss then paired up with Peeta and at the end of the games when there was only her and Peeta left. The announcer revoked it and then Katniss drew her bow at Peeta. This colligates to the theme because it shows how dictators are cruel since katniss attached herself to Peeta now she really had to kill him in order to win and how again sometimes being
violent is the key to surivial. Example 8: “The arenas are historic sites, preserved after the Hunger Games. Popular destinations for capitol residents to visit for vacations”(pg# 144). This quote is talking about how the people in the capitol enjoy watching the Hunger Games a lot. They visit the past arenas of the Hunger Games and get delighted by the sight of the weapons that are used and re watch the killings of the tributes. They also re-enact the scenes of the battles (pg# 145). This connects to the theme because it shows the people like watching other humans fight and how people enjoy violence in general.
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