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Hearing the Call

How to Teach on Vocations

Kevin Vogel

on 27 September 2012

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Transcript of Hearing the Call

Hearing the Call Fr. Kevin Vogel
St. Columbkille Parish How to Teach
on Vocations “At the heart of catechesis we find, in essence, a Person, the Person of Jesus of Nazareth, the only Son of the Father … who suffered and died for us and who now, after rising, is living with us forever.” To Catechize is “to reveal in the Person of Christ the whole of God’s eternal design reaching its fulfillment in that Person.” (CCC 426, quoting CT 5) What are Vocations? The calling or destiny we have in this life and heaven. (CCC Glossary) Universal Call to Holiness Holiness Priest Marriage Religious St. John Baptist de laSalle St. Catherine of Alexandria How do we teach Vocations? Our
Canonization Must be holy
Must know Jesus
Show joy, love for Jesus and the Church “May teachers by their life as much as by their instruction bear witness to Christ, the unique Teacher.” (Gravissimum Educationis 8) Live out Our own Specific Vocation with Joy as single, as spouse, as parent, as religious, as priest Supernatural Worldview Describing Vocation apart from the Whole of our Catholic Experience is Inadequate. Having more priests is 2nd, helping the individual student find their calling is 1st
Build a relationship with them first
Asking, inviting them to consider such a vocation is important, but comes after How do we specifically teach priesthood and religious life? The Presence of a Priest/Religious in School. How to expose the girls to religious life when there is no sister available? A difficulty, for their presence is truly needed
Speak of priest and religious as normal part of life
To do so, they must be a part of yours, get to know them, tell stories about them
tell stories of the saints priest and religious don’t dismiss it, don’t ignore it
don’t tell them they’re too young, not smart enough, or not holy enough
Do not hinder the child's possible vocation because we do not see in them what God sees in them How do I to react to the expression of a vocation? Encourage them to pray
To ask God what he wants them to do Archdiocese of Omaha Vocations

100 Parish Vocation Projects

USCCB Lesson Plans for all ages

The Vocation Tree
Children’s Books
Where do Priests Come From? by Elizabeth Ficocelli
Where do Sisters Come From? by Elizabeth Ficocelli
Where do Deacons Come From? by Elizabeth Ficocelli
Send Letters/Cards to the Seminarians

Addresses and birthdays are listed in the Archdiocesan Directory
Give out Priest Trading Cards http://www.archomaha.org/vocations/pdf/100%20Proven%20Parish%20Vocation%20Committe%20Projects%20to%20Try.pdf http://www.usccb.org/beliefs-and-teachings/vocations/educators-and-youth-leaders/lesson-plans/ http://www.archomaha.org/vocations/index.html http://www.vocationtree.org http://www.archomaha.org/vocations/meetseminarians.html http://stvianneycards.com/ Archdiocese of Omaha Vocations

100 Parish Vocation Projects

USCCB Lesson Plans for all ages

The Vocation Tree
VISION: Catholic Religious Vocation Network
Spirituality Quiz
Celibacy Quiz
Vocation Match

Theology of the Body for Middle School

Theology of the Body for Teens
Young Catholic Minute
How Far is too Far?
Why Save Myself for Marriage?
e5 men (and women) http://www.archomaha.org/vocations/pdf/100%20Proven%20Parish%20Vocation%20Committe%20Projects%20to%20Try.pdf http://www.usccb.org/beliefs-and-teachings/vocations/educators-and-youth-leaders/lesson-plans/ http://www.archomaha.org/vocations/index.html http://www.vocationtree.org “Don’t you just pray all day?” Is Celibacy Boring? “How can you decide not to have children or grandchildren?” Is Celibacy Lifeless? 24:00, 35:35 “We need to find you a wife...” Is Celibacy a last resort? “I thought family was important to you...” Is Celibacy a Rejection of Family? NO! Is Celibacy just a discipline? For the Sake of the Kingdom Celibacy and Religious Life Lord, what do you want me to do? No.

It is for those who are called by God. Is Celibacy for Everyone? Yes.
Happiness ≠ Marriage
Happiness = Love Can the Celibate be happy? Teach your children how to pray, how to know God
Feed them with the Eucharist Spiritual Fatherhood There at the important moments of life
Holy Communion
Anointing Sick
Funerals Spiritual Fatherhood “Are you sure you don’t want to get married?” Is Celibacy a Rejection of Sexuality? “My heart is already consumed.” A Choice to skip the Sign Marriage
Exclusive Love
Moves one toward Inclusive love Celibacy
Inclusive Love Celibacy is a way of Love Single Lay People
Consecrated Lay People
Women Religious
Men Religious
Ordained Clergy
Religious Priests
Diocesan Clergy
Permanent Deacons
Transitional Deacons Celibacy Freely choosing to forego earthly marriage so as to devote oneself to Christ and the Church. Celibacy God, are you really there?
What is it that you want me to do with my life? Eucharist Learning how to give without expecting return Friendships Action Studied Genesis 1-3
God’s original plan for marriage Understanding A decision to will the good of another; a sincere gift of oneself to another.

Fruitful Love Tried to Date
Did not understand love
Self-centered Beginning College Being in relationship with God is never boring Never a Dull Moment Spiritual Fatherhood Celibacy
Witness that our true fulfillment is God
Marriage is a sign and foreshadowing of the heavenly marriage Marriage
Visible sign of giving whole selves to each other
Reveals that in celibacy, one must love by giving one’s whole self Marriage and Celibacy Pastor
Associate Pastor
Pope Forms of Priests First discern call to celibate love
Then discern call to priesthood Celibacy I wanted Marriage
But I wanted to know what God’s will was

Choice to go to seminary
To find out Choice Ephesians 5:25
Husbands, love your wives, even as Christ loved the church and handed himself over for her to sanctify her Oldest boy out of all my cousins
Only thing better than being a brother would to be a father
Tried to date High School Belong not to one family
Part of many families Inclusive Love extends the family Catholic Family Religious Life Celibacy Call to Spousal Love http://www.vocationnetwork.org/articles/show/63?m=6&sm=5 http://www.vocationnetwork.org/articles/show/62?m=6&sm=6 http://www.vocationnetwork.org/match?m=2 http://thetheologyofthebody.com/book-resources/study-information/1851/tob-teens-middle-school-edition-jason http://thetheologyofthebody.com/information/teens http://www.youngcatholicminute.com http://www.youngcatholicminute.com/Young_Catholic/How_Far_Is_Too_Far.html http://www.youngcatholicminute.com/Young_Catholic/Why_Save_Myself_for_Marriage.html http://www.e5men.org Fishers of Men (Parts 1 and 2) Institute for Priestly Formation The Dominican Sisters of St. Cecilia Just for Fun:
Duel of the Seminarians On Being a Nun Sisters: In Their Own Word Why Not A Priest? Imagine Sisters Prayer of a Teacher Before School

You, O Lord, are my strength, my patience, my light, and my counsel. It is you who touch the hearts of the children entrusted to my care. Abandon me not to myself for one moment. For my own guidance and that of my students, grant me the spirit of wisdom and understanding, the spirit of counsel and fortitude, the spirit of knowledge and piety, the spirit of a holy fear of you and an ardent zeal to procure your glory. I unite my efforts to those of Jesus Christ, and I beg the Most Blessed Virgin, Saint Joseph, the Guardian Angels, and Saint John Baptist de La Salle to protect me this day in the performance of my duties. Amen. http://michaelwitt.kenrickparish.com/millennium/audio/mod30.mp3
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