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Taiga Plains

No description

Karan Gurung

on 2 August 2013

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Transcript of Taiga Plains

Taiga Plains
Jobs & Hobbies
Although staying in a rural area the taiga plains have people who work in oil and gas devlopment, hunting and trapping, and forestry sadly thats all the jobs available for taiga plains but when it comes to hobbies expecially flower colecting and trekking you wouldn't be disappointed.
Urban Or Rural?
Taiga plains is a rural area i know what your'e thinking who would want to visit a rural area. It is about 550 000 square kilometres and is Canada's sixth largest ecozone. It has a population of 20,726 and there are 3.64 people per kilometer squared. Mackenzie is the largest river in Canada and it flows through the Taiga Plains and lots more.
The resources in the taiga plain are rivers, trees and animals. The people living there live near the rivers there because there is where most of the resources can be obtained such as food and water and also taiga plains has a unique salt plains fromed from evaporated salt water leaving behind a huge amount of residue.
The landscape for taiga plains depends on the seasons . In winter, it is filled with snow everywhere and the tree's are all withered and frozen. Whereas in the hot seasons it is humid and so the landscape is packed with fully blommed flowers. Which means in summer you can book a vacation and enjoy the spectacular view of the world's beauty.
The animals living in the ecosystem are polar bears, fishes and many more. If you are lucky enough, you might even see the techniques how they catch their prey and your eyes will sparkle and your jaws wide open. =D
Continental Arctic air masses make this ecozone very cold. The summers are short and cool with average temperatures of around 10 to 12°C. their winters are very long and cold with average temperature of -20 to -25°C. they receive little precipitation; it is very dry, the Taiga Plains only receive about 250 to 500 mm a year.
The economy in taiga plains are hunting, trapping and fishing. Mostly is about food. When they catch fishes, they are sold in the market. It also includes hydroelectricity, mining and forestry.
Staying in taiga plains would be perfect for the people whom have not experienced 4 seasons such as you guys! What are you waiting for? Hurry now!
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