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Relationships, a word often used to describe romantic partne

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Meagan W

on 14 April 2017

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Transcript of Relationships, a word often used to describe romantic partne

Healthy Relationships
Relationships, a word often used to describe romantic partnerships can also describe the relations between a boss and employee, a teacher and student, or in families and friendships.

The most basic piece of any healthy relationship is respect. There should be basic respect for both the other person and their right to their own beliefs, opinions and decisions even if you don’t agree with them.
Part of this respect is not crossing the boundaries set by the other person. If your partner has not agreed to something you shouldn’t do it. Respecting them means that accept their opinion and right to it even if you don’t agree.
Discussing things can help with understanding them, but you should not try and convince them to change their answer. This can be with something like holding hands or copying homework, you should not pressure someone into doing things they don’t want to, the word for this is coercion.
Coercion happens when someone persuades or threats another person to make them do something. Compliance is another word that means going along with something even if it’s not in one’s best interest. To avoid compliance it is important to have consent.
Consent is freely given permission for something to occur. Consent is only consent when it is given without force. Force is when power, pressure or violence is used against someone or something.
Assertive communication skills are important and something to practice. This means respectfully voicing your stance on things in appropriate ways. Assertive communication is the balanced approach to solving and discussing problems between passive and and aggressive communication.
This is a good resource for understanding different types of communication.


Check out this relationship spectrum to see how good you are at identifying healthy, unhealthy and abusive behaviors in a romantic relationship.
Here you can find a list of campaigns designed to help people who have questions about or are facing unhealthy or abusive relationships. Two other resources are also New Beginnings which is located in Laconia NH, and also Love is Respect.
You can always get help from a trusted adult or guidance counselor. Both Love Is Respect and New Beginnings have 24/7 help available. You don't need to be in a crisis to call and ask questions or to get help for someone else.
Love Is Respect


CALL: 1.866.331.9474

Domestic Violence Support Line: 1.866.644.3574
Sexual Assault Support Line: 1.800.277.5570
24 Hour Crisis Lines
New Beginnings Advocates are available 24/7

Call the office at: (603) 528-6511
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