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Service-Learning Reflection

No description

Nicole M West

on 25 November 2015

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Transcript of Service-Learning Reflection

Reflection is the Hyphen in
Service Learning
Critical Reflection Activities for Students
Nicole M. West, Ph.D.
The Academy for Teaching and Learning Excellence (ATLE)
Without reflection...
There is no link between students' experiences in the community and the learning objectives in the course

Service cannot fulfill its role as an instrument of learning

Students' strereotypes and biases may actually be reinforced
Reading [or experiencing]
without reflecting
is like eating
without digesting

~Edmund Burke
Students' reflections should be...

Ongoing & Regular
Instructors' feedback should...

Be frequent
Be suggestive, not critical
Identify areas of growth
Make connections to course content
The transformation of thoughts, ideas, or opinions that can result from meditation, serious consideration, or fixing one's thoughts on something.
Subject Matter
facts, understanding, etc.

Skill Development
critical thinking, communication, etc.

Personal Development
career exploration, values, etc.

Civic Responsibility
commitment to community, political engagement, etc.
Describe first impressions of what is happening (identify and suspend judgments)

So What?
Try to explain what is happening (connections to course content)

Now What?
Discuss the broader impact and implications
is Latin
"bend back."
Stream of Consciousness
Highlighted (marking sections that relate to course material)
Double Entry (experiences/course material then draw arrows to match)
Three-Part (experience/course material/personal impact)
Critical Incident/"the Ah-Ha! moment” (what happened and how it changed you)

Reflective Essays
Directed Writings
Experiential Research Papers

Structured Class Discussions
Online Group Discussions

Final Presentations
Types of Reflections
Examples from my class:
SDS 6701 Issues in Diversity
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