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Poem Prezi

No description

Aaliyah Rucker

on 6 May 2013

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Transcript of Poem Prezi

Brown Beauty by: Ni-Ni Simone
My Baby by: Aaliyah Rucker Brown Beauty
is limitless.
It is not confined to the size of your thighs
the color of your eyes
or your brain size.....
It has nothing to do with your waist,
your face,
or how nice that cutie told you your booty
It is not bound by religion =, race, or

you mama,
her mama,
big mama's mama...
It is unmeasurable
and oh so fabulous....
It cannot be bound by circumstance
or a missed chance....
It does not die
It does not fly
It dreams
and loves
and believes
that it can be anything
It wants to be...
It is a quiet rebel
a lady with a cause
a little girl with a mission
standing tall
and demanding for the world to see
that she
is Brown Beauty My baby
My man
My darling you
You amazing
There's no one like you
When you kiss me
When you hold me
I'm so glad that you chose me
I can't believe how much you care
I can tell with those eyes so gentle and fair
Amazed by every word
Struck down by every glance
Can't seem to let you go
Our love is like a slow dance
Holding onto these moments
Forever these I will treasure
Cherishing every second with you
Hoping we never shall sever This a Rhyme: This is an example of rhyme because the words thighs, eyes, and size all end with a z sound. This is Repetition: This is an example of repetition each line has the word mama in it. This is a metaphor: This is an example of a metaphor because it's a comparison of two things not using the words like or as This is Personification: This is an example of personification because it's giving brown beauty human qualities by calling it a lady This is Alliteration:
This is an example of Alliteration because all the stanzas start with the letter M. This is a Simile:
This is an example of a Simile because it compares two things using the word like. This poem shows a theme of love because the author is showing her love for her baby or her man. The meaning of the poem Brown Beauty is that African American women or African Americans in general should be proud of the color of their skin. They should know that they are beautiful and they shouldn't let anyone change that. The meaning of the poem My Baby is that the love of the author's life means everything to her. She expressing her love and feelings for him. The end
Thanks for Watching
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