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No description

Kaitlyn Sanders

on 3 June 2014

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Transcript of Kindred

Dana Franklin
Dana is the main character of this story
She is the narrator
She is like a guardian angel towards Rufus
She is able to travel through time
Kevin Franklin
Kevin is the husband of Dana
He is a white man
Rufus Weylin
Rufus is the boy that Dana travels back in time to save
He is actually related to Dana
He is the son of a slave owner
Alice Greenwood
Alice, like Rufus, is a very distant relative of Dana
Rufus loves Alice but does not how to properly show it
She is the mother of Hagar
Kindred is the story of a young black women living in California in the year 1976....
On her 26th birthday, something weird happens....
...she travels to Maryland!
...Maryland in 1815.
Dana is sent back to 1815 to save a boy named Rufus from drowning in a river. This is not the only time that she will travel through time. Each time that Rufus is in a life threatening situation, Dana must travel through time to save him.
Dana must constantly save Rufus, because she is also saving herself.
If Rufus were to die, one of Dana's ancestors would not be born, which would mean Dana would also never be born.
She travels back to 1815 six times in order to keep Rufus alive.
Thanks for watching!
Maybe you will want to add Kindred to your summer reading list! :)
Do not read this, it is awful
Octavia E. Butler
Major Themes

Motifs and
to look for

Influence of power
Why is this
an American

The themes
Octavia Butlers writing
The way that they Octavia Butler is able to mix fantasy and history is astounding. Through her story she even hints at the idea that racism still exists in our society today.
There are only six chapters in this novel
Each chapter has sub chapters
The title of all of the chapters gives an idea as to what is going to happen with Rufus
The River
The Fire
The Fall
The Fight
The storm
The Rope
Octavia Butler uses a lot of dialogue in this book
It helps to form the ideas as to how the characters interact with each other and the relation ship they have
"You have to say it," He insisted. "Or 'Young Master' or. . . or 'Mister' like Alice does. You're suppose to."
"No.: I shook my head.
Don't read this
Don't read this
In this novel, there are many characters influenced by power
Tom Weylin
Margaret Weylin
Rufus Weylin
This whole novel revolves around the idea of family especially since the title is "Kindred"
Family was most important to the slaves in this novel, not so much the Weylins
The maps represent the possibility of freedom for the slaves, this is why they are not taught how to read them
Being able to read a map allowed slaves a sense of hope, something the owners disapproved of.
The whip shows the power that the white man had over the slaves in the 1800's
Illustrated the barrier of race in 1815
Dana was whipped simply for reading
Throughout the whole novel, all Dana wanted was to go back to her home in California, but towards the end she realized that the Weylin Plantation felt more like a home to her
This represents how easily people can adapt to things
Octavia Butler wrote Kindred in a scattered format, in which she began the story in the middle of the ending and proceeded to add in content that was mostly flashbacks from the beginning of Dana's journey. The unique style forces the audience to ask questions about the story and analyze Butler's points.
Dana and Kevin are married in the present, however when they go to Maryland Dana has to pretend to Kevin's "property".
Being white in 1815 made almost any fault excusable, while being a race of minority, made having any positive attribute negative.
Enslavement to Family
-Although Dana did not know Rufus particularly well, she was obligated to protect him for her future family's sake.
Succumbing to power
-Like his mother and father, Rufus Weylin is easily influenced by power when he receives his inheritance and becomes a slave owner
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