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Roller Coaster Polynomial Project

Prezi Design Challenge: A curvy template

Hannah Vail

on 16 December 2015

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Transcript of Roller Coaster Polynomial Project

Hope you enjoyed the ride!
Standard Form of Coaster
Synthetic Division Check
End Behavior
As x , y
Domain and Range
Roller Coaster Polynomial Project
Hannah Vail

x= 1
x= 2
x= 5 of multiplicity 2
x= +/- i
Factored Form:
Rough Sketch, Zeros, and Factored form of Roller Coaster
The coaster is 5 minutes long
The coaster is 250 feet high
Final Equation!
All of the remainders were 0 which means that 1, 2, and 5 are real roots of our equation.
As x - , y
This makes sense for our graph because this gives it a parabola shape as well as one maximum and 2 minimums.
Also, this is realistic for our roller coaster because it starts off by going down to gain speed, and ends by going up to lose speed.
Domain: 5 x 0
Range: 250 x -50.1
Because the x axis is based on time, this is a realistic domain for our coaster because the ride is in between 0 and 5 minutes long.
Because the y axis is based on height, this is a realistic range for our coaster because the ride starts at a height of 250 feet, then dips below the ground to -50.1 feet.
Increasing/Decreasing Intervals
Final Graph
Decreasing: (- , 1.5) & (3.7, 5)
(1.5, 3.7) & (5, )
(1,0) & (2,0) & (5,0)
Turning Points:
(1.5,-50.1) & (3.7,570.7) & (5,0)
Y intercept: (0,250)
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