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The importance of education and personal achievement

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claire murphy

on 4 July 2013

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Transcript of The importance of education and personal achievement

The importance of education and personal achievement
Learning Outcomes
* To be able to understand the meaning of education

* To be able to understand the meaning of personal achievement

* To be able to discuss with the group your achievements and goals
What is education?
What is personal achievement?
Why is it important to have personal achievements?

* To reach goals and targets on things that are important in your life

* To overcome any obstacles that may get in the way of succeeding

* To have a challenge and do your best and make yourself proud

* To push yourself to use the skills learned throughout life to continually improve and be the best you can be

Education and personal achievements

* Aim to do the best you can do to reach your personal goals

* Challenge yourself with subjects that help you learn and develop different skills

* Try new and creative ways to learn and gain wide-ranging knowledge
* Education is journey of learning and being taught new skills, knowledge and values. This knowledge can be used throughout our lives

* Learning new skills can be done in various ways (self taught, group work, charity work) and can be conducted in different environments – schools, youth groups, Guides.

* Having different skills and wide range of knowledge can give allow you to achieve goals and ambitions. It can allow you to pass exams, and go to college or university, bake a winning cake for a country fete, build a tree-house or train to run and compete in a race.

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