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histology project

No description

james emerson

on 2 November 2012

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Transcript of histology project

a brief presentation to help you better understand the diffrent types of tissues histology project simple squamous simple cubodial transitional adipose stratefied squamous hyaline cartilage structure-single layered and flat
function-diffuse and filtrate structure-single layered and square
function-secretion and absorption structure-multilayered flat tissue
function-protection connective tissue types a type of dense connective tissue structure-loose arrangement of intertwining fibers
function-holds organs in place structure-light weight yet strong and dense
function-structural support, protect and help with movement bone structure-branched fibers with alot of space in between
function-protect the heart cardiac muscle tissue types smooth skeletal epitheleal tissue types structure- domed shaped cell
function-expands and contracts structure-loose tissue that has space between it
function-provide energy for the body and provides protection to organs structure-dense
function-provide cushion to bones and support attachments areolar (OSSEUS) nerve nervous tissue structure-thin long muscle cell fibers with no spaces
function-covers organs function-provide support
structure-cylindrical fibers with little space around them structure-composed of nerve cells and dentrites
function- send signals to and from diffrent parts of the body
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