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The Lottery by: Shirley Jackson

No description

Katie Nields

on 25 October 2012

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Transcript of The Lottery by: Shirley Jackson

The Lottery By Shirley Jackson

*Mr. Summers- static, oddly joyful, round faced, jovial,
runs coal business, no children, has a scold wife *Mrs. Hunchinson- Dynamic, annoying, late to lottery,
happy in the beginning, upset at end, stoned to death,
hypocrite Major Characters: Minor Characters: *Old Man Warner- static, traditional,
gives much background info, oldest
man in the village Setting June 27th Morning Clear and sunny day Village Summer 300 people in the village Later 1800s Town Square CONFLICT Mrs. Hutchinson vs. Society- The village stones her to death
and she thinks it is not fair
Mrs. Hutchinson vs. Self- Willing to let family die instead of
herself just as long as she lives. (cc) photo by medhead on Flickr Foreshadowing Quotes Foreshadowing purpose "Bobby Martin had already
stuffed his pockets full of
stones, other boys soon
followed his example,
selecting the smoothest and
roundest stones." - foreshadows stoning will
happen " Mrs. Hutchinson came
hurriedly along the path to the
square." - Points her out and makes us
think something will happen to
her. Plot Summary The village gathers in the square to begin the lottery. The heads of the families are asked to come and draw slips of paper out of a specific black box. Mr. Hutchinson draws a unique paper with a black dot on it that indicates one of his family members will win. The rest of his family draws and Mrs. Hutchinson ends up with the final black dotted paper. She wins the lottery and is stoned to death. The village does this because they believe that sacrifice would help their corn flourish. SYMBOL SYMBOL MEANING Pile of stones Stoning will happen The Black Box Black = Death Black dot on Paper Death/ Pirates THEME! *Being selfish can come with terrible, and harsh consequences. -They kill people for corn, they sacrifice to get something and the way of choosing who must pay is the lottery MOOD "Most of them are quiet, wetting
their lips, looking around" - This creates a nervous and uneasy feeling for the
reader. "It isn't fair" -Indignation, frustration, and fear is what it feels
because she is going to die. TONE "Clean forgot what day it was"
-Mrs. Hutchinson "This isn't fair, it isn't right."
-Mrs. Hutchinson What we think the author feels is that Shirley Jackson is
also uneasy about the subject of "stoning" Mrs. Hutchinson for a superstition of having a better corn harvest. The quotes above establish what we think the author feels but also what we feel. AUTHORS PURPOSE *We think Shirley Jackson's purpose for writing "The Lottery" is to entertain, but also specifically to denounce old tradition. -The story shows how people can pay for their horrific beliefs and action such as this one with the corn and stoning citizens of their own village to death. TEXT ORGANIZATION

-begins at 10:00 in the morning and ends later in the day after the stoning occurs SEQUENCE
OF EVENTS *This helps build suspense in a way throughout the day, leaving us feeling suspended from knowing what happens. IRONY -Lottery to us is to win!!!!!!!!$$$$$$$!!!!!!!!!

-Lottery to the people of the village
in the short story means death. Critique and Recommendation We would recommend this story to anyone. The story is well written and the plot is compelling and leaves you wondering what will happen next. This would be a good short story for people who want an unpredictable ending.
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