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Welcome to AP Human Geography

No description

Amber Meighan

on 30 May 2011

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Transcript of Welcome to AP Human Geography

Welcome to Human Geography ! what is Human Geography ? what you will be learning what is the class like? Don't forget to always think like a human geographer keep asking when, where, and why
Vocabulary is essential to understanding each unit! soo....
Make flashcards for all units AND study them before each test!
READ the chapters...skimming will not be beneficial to you in the end
AP prep books are your best friend! (especially around exam time)
The exam is basically based on common sene, a view theories, and vocabulary
Every single person taking this course has the potential to make a 5 on the exam, just have ti do the work AP Human Geography is a fun and very interesting class
Notes: BEWARE this tedious task is an important part of the learning process, so even though it may be a lot of work DON'T FORGET TO DO IT AP Human Geography consists of 7 units: Google Earth Click Please =) ------------->>>>>>>> In simple english, human geography is the study of humans and how they use and understand their environments and why.
The three main questions asked by a Human Geographer are:
Why? The Breakdown: Gapminder throughout the course you will be able to see that most of what you learn can be shown trhough models and maps Hotel Rwanda Power of Place Avatar Models TED 2. Population Geography 7. Cultural Geography 1. Basic Geography Skills 4. Agriculture and Rural Land Use 3. Political Geography 5. Industrialization and Economic Development 6. Urbanization, Deindustrialization, and Globalization Videos Pless the play button if the video hasnt already started
Please press the home button
Then click on the human geography title
After that press the left and right arrows to continue with the presentation
Thank you!
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