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Summer 2018 - Getting Ready for APES

No description

Chelsea Sterrett

on 21 May 2018

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Transcript of Summer 2018 - Getting Ready for APES

Summer 2018 - Getting Ready for APES
Chapter 1 of textbook

The Death & Life of Monterey Bay by Palumbi and Sotka

Take clear and concise notes (diagrams when appropriate) on BOTH
Keeping an APES Notebook
Recommend a composition book, but spiral is fine

This is for YOU so make it great
WE Service
Think ahead - counts as 2nd semester final and goes collegeboard's score reports

Direct action: beach clean ups, starting a recycling program, planting trees

Indirect: write a letter to a company, make a video, social media campaigning
Preview of the notebook
Can overlap with Service Learning Hours,
a summer experience, or Senior Capstone
Advice from this year's students:

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