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1990s fashion history

No description

daijah sobrinho

on 10 December 2012

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Transcript of 1990s fashion history

Daijah Sobrinho Historical Events Economy Status POP Culture Fashion Icons Alexander McQueen was an influential designer. His aesthetic was dramatic, technical, and emotional. A very well-known designer by the name of Tommy Hilfiger. He came out in the mid 90s. His aesthetic for the fashion world was American rough, but also a little preppy. The Gulf war happened August 2, 1990 and it ended in February 28, 1991. The Gulf war took place in Iraq and Kuwait, and it happened because Iraq troops invaded Kuwait then US troops invaded Iraq. The economy turned in an increasingly healthy performance as the 1990s progressed. Technological developments brought a wide range of sophisticated new electronic products. Innovations in telecommunications and computer networking spawned a vast computer hardware and software industry and revolutionized the way many industries operate. The economy grew rapidly, and corporate earnings rose rapidly.Combined with low inflation and low unemployment, strong profits sent the stock market surging Some of the media that influence fashion was YO! MTV Raps. The movies that influence fashion was Poetic Justice, Juice, clueless. These three movies really influence fashion because it included the poetic justice braids, the high waisted jeans. The movie juice also influence fashion with the box haircut. clueless inspired fashion with the whole preppy school girl. T.V. shows that came on were Family matters, Beverly hills 90210, Different world, Fresh Price of Bel-Air , Full house. Music in the 90s was a HUGE thing because music videos would influence clothing. Music artist that were BIG are: Kurt Cobain, Notorious B.I.G, Madonna, Aaliyah,No Doubt, Tupac, Swv, TLC, Greenday, N.W.A, Boyz 11 Men. TLC really influenced fashion with baggy jeans, oversized shirts. Kurt Cobain inspired fashion with grunge look and retro movement. One of the fashion icons in the 90s were Kurt Cobain. He was the center of the grunge rock movement flannel shirts,grandpa cardigans, and ripped jeans. Surprisingly, Jennifer Aniston was really big in the 90s. Jennifer Aniston was recognized with the "The Rachel" haircut. TLC had a big impact with fashion. they really impacted people with the baggy jeans, oversize sweaters and shirts. Kate moss was a fashion icon with her waif look and casual style. Influential Designers 1990s Fashion History The most important historical event that happened was NAFTA (north America free trade agreement). This really affected the fashion world cause US, Canada, and Mexico were allowed to trade goods and services between each other. It allowed fashion companies to stop tariffs and trade their goods. The top 10 Trends There were alot of trends going on during the 90s. The baggy pants were not only for boys,but girls too. Oversize shirts were really popular int he 90s. Fanny packs, High waisted jeans, big jean jackets, Hawaiian shirts, demin overalls, combat doc marten shoes. Popular Colors Some popular colors were black, blue, brown, white, and floral. Textures The textures that were used are: polyester rayon,cotton,nylon,denim,spandex. Specifically flannel was used a lot in rock with kurt cobain and the plaid shirts. Denim was used in jean jackets, jeans. The cotton was used in shirts with the crop shirts. My inspiration for the collection was TLC, cause the way they dressed really inspired me dress a certain way. It also gave people the decision of how they want to dress too. The vintage jean jackets, and oversize sweaters instead of shirts. The just goes to show how fashion is a repeating cycle. You may not say your dressing from the 90s, but your using elements from the trends and outfits. The market target for my collection is for teenagers and young aduts around the 20s. Seeing that they would attract to these things. THE END!!!!!!!
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