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rhea s301

on 14 March 2013

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Transcript of Rangitoto

Rangitoto Rangitoto Examples that Humans lived there Plants and Woodland An Eruption took place Ecosystems Animals lived on the island when it erupted There were houses that humans built for living in. There are alot of lava fields with big lava
rocks. Pests The prisoners were made to build bridges to use as walkways. Many years ago there were many pests on Rangitoto like: possums, wallabies,rodents, stoats, wild cats, The pests were exterminated with traps and poison. There are lots of trees on Rangitoto like the Pohutukawa, Bracken ferns, orchids, and also mangroves that grow from the lava bed. An eruption took place at least 600 to 700 years ago. The eruptions lasted for 12 months. The eruption first took place below water level in the Hauraki Gulf and over several months the island slowly became visible above the sea level. Parrots, Beacon, Fantails, grey warblers, silvereyes and moreporks are the types of birds lived on the island. There are footprints imprinted in the ground from some of the early settlers on Rangitoto. Art These are some of the photos i took on the way down of Rangitoto. Which are overlooking the city. There are different ecosystems in rangitoto. The mangroves along the coastline. The shrubs on the lava rocks. The lava caves.The trees on the island giving shelter to the various birds and animals and shade to all the smaller trees. All the different types of ecosystems are very different and unquie.
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