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How to Change a Habit

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Skip Blankley

on 12 February 2013

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Transcript of How to Change a Habit

How to Change
a Habit The Cue This presentation was created by me, but was inspired by the works of Charles Duhigg When you feel the urge for
your habit, ask yourself.... The Reward www.charlesduhigg.com What time is it? Where are you? Who else is around? What did you just do? What emotions are you feeling? One of these things is the que. Look for which one stays the same every time you feel the urge. What craving do you think your
habit is satisfying? Test that theory: Substitute another reward
(i.e. instead of eating a cookie,
have a cup of coffee.)
Is the craving gone? ...then Substitute the opposite reward (i.e., instead of eating a cookie, take a walk.)
Is the craving gone? ...Keep experimenting until
you find something new that
satisfies the urge... because... THAT'S WHAT
CRAVING! Yes Yes No? No? The Routine step now that you have
identified the cue
and reward,
INSERT A NEW ROUTINE routine reward cue choose an activity that is
triggered by the old cue,
and delivers the old reward from step 2 from step 1 Studies show that the easiest
way to implement a new
habit is to write a plan: When ________, I will _______ because

it provides me with _________. Post this plan where you will see it.
Try it for a week. Eventually, studies say, the new behavior will become automatic. from step 1 cue routine reward from step 2 step step He wrote a book called:
"The Power of Habit"
...it is an amazing book and will change your
life for the better... if you use it. :) me = skip blankley of
NoBox Creatives
noboxcreatives.com thanks
for watching!
now go change
a habit! ;)
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