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A Covered Wagon Girl: The Diary of Sallie Hester 1849-1850

No description

Vanessa Rasmussen

on 1 May 2014

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Transcript of A Covered Wagon Girl: The Diary of Sallie Hester 1849-1850

A Covered Wagon Girl:
The Diary of Sallie Hester 1849-1850

What was this book about?
This book was about a 14 year old girl named Sallie Hester who on March 20, 1849 begins a dangerous journey to leave Indiana with her Father, Mother, two brothers, and one sister to move to California. They did not come looking for wealth (because during this time an era called the gold rush was going on), but they came because Sallie's mother was ill and they thought the warm climate in California would help her.
Why I chose this book?
I chose this book because I am really interested in books about kids in other time periods and books about early pioneers.
How is the book organized?
table of contents listing chapters
illustrations of maps
timeline of the events
26 pages
4 Facts I learned:
Edited by: Christy Steele with Ann Hodgson
Three things I already knew about this topic:
1.) California became a state in 1843

2.) Wells and Fargo Co. founded because of the gold rush

3.) In 1846 California became a U.S. territory
Who would enjoy this book:
non-fiction diary books
books about pioneers
Strengths of the book:
lots of illustrations
had other interesting facts besides just the journal
Weaknesses of the book:
it got really boring in some parts because no big events were occurring
1.) adobe- heavy clay made from dirt and straw
2.) haven- a safe place
3.) dilapidated- shabby and falling apart
4.) perilous- dangerous
5.) skulk- to move about quietly and secretly
Fact #1
Fact #2
Fact #3
Fact #4
Did you enjoy this book?
No, I did not enjoy this book because it was really boring and just about her ride there and nothing interesting happened at all.
Pioneers saved most space in their covered wagons for food and supplies, but many pioneers also brought some family heirlooms
More than 80,000 people traveled to the California Territory in 1849 in search of gold
Pioneers carved their names on Independence Rock near the Sweetwater River to prove they had been there.
Anyone who enjoys:
Pioneers slept in or under their wagons. Some slept in a tent and some slept just out under the stars.
In this passage Sallie is saying her thoughts on leaving and she isn't too happy.
"The last hours were spent in bidding good bye to old friends. Giving up old associations for what? Good health perhaps. My father is going in search of health, not gold.
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