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Secchi App for Android


Richard Kirby

on 27 December 2013

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Transcript of Secchi App for Android

Add Your Boat's Name
Submit the Data
Social Media
Surface Observations
Input the Secchi Depth
Input the Sea Temperature
Obtain a GPS Fix
Who We Are
Phytoplankton blooms seen from space
Spume due to a phytoplankton bloom
Sampling the plankton with a net
The phytoplankton begin the plankton food web that underpins the whole marine food chain from fish to whales, and from penguins to polar bears. These microalgae use the energy in sunlight to combine carbon dioxide and water into sugar; this process is called photosynthesis and oxygen is its by-product. Despite their small size, the phytoplankton are so numerous in the sea that they account for about 50% of all photosynthesis on Earth and so also, about 50% of the oxygen in the air we breathe.

Living at the surface of the sea, the phytoplankton are being affected by rising sea temperatures due to climate change. We need to know more about these changes in order to understand their effects on the Ocean's biology.
in this scientific quest by using the
Click on the text below to read about climate-induced changes in phytoplankton
A tick will appear beside each section to indicate it has been read. When all of the sections are ticked you can start to use the Secchi App.
It is very important that everyone follows the simple guidelines for the manufacture of the Secchi Disk and measurement of the Secchi Depth.
You cannot use the Secchi App until you have first read the documentation.
The first time you submit data you will be given a User ID
a global plankton study on Android & iOS
Move the disk to the required depth - fine tune with the buttons
Use the slider - fine tune with the buttons
This section shows the documentation, which begins with a disclaimer.
You cannot input a Secchi Depth until you have a GPS location
You must measure the Secchi Depth where you take the GPS fix
Obtain the water temperature from your boat's sensor
Meet other users on Facebook
Measuring the Phytoplankton using a Secchi Disk
In 1865, Father Pietro Angelo Secchi - astronomer and director of the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome - invented a simple apparatus to measure water turbidity, which is influenced by the amount of phytoplankton in the water column. The apparatus - now known as the Secchi Disk - is a 30 cm white disk that is weighted, attached to a tape measure, and lowered vertically into the water from the side of a boat. The point at which the Secchi Disk just disappears from sight is called the Secchi Depth and this estimates the amount of phytoplankton in the sea.
Secchi Disks are still used by marine scientists to study the phytoplankton. Sadly, there are too few
scientists to survey the World's oceans. By making a Secchi Disk and using the Secchi App, you can help scientists create a unique global survey of the phytoplankton starting now and extending into the future.
A Secchi Disk In Use
- your browser must be configured to open links in a new window -
The Secchi App for Android and iOS
Modis, Nasa
Dr Richard Kirby
Dr Nigel Barlow
Dr Sam Lavender
A Secchi Disk & Tape Measure
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