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Vladimir Kush

No description

Leigha Stiles

on 17 June 2014

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Transcript of Vladimir Kush

Vladimir Kush
Born in Moscow, Russia on March 29th 1965

Studied at Surikov Moscow Art Institute for a year

Was then conscripted into the soviet army

While he served in the army he was asked to paint murals with a high influence from the army
Biography Cont.
In 1987 he began to work with the USSR Union of Artists, but he earned most of his money by selling portraits on the street

Emigrated to the United Stated in 1990

He then worked as a mural painter for the Whaler's Village Museum on Maui.
While in Hawaii his work was exhibited in Hong Kong galleries

Gallery shows of his work took place in Seattle, Pittsburgh, and other American cities

He then opened his own gallery, Kush Fine Art in Lahaina, Hawaii.

He later opened Kush Fine Art galleries in Las Vegas and Laguna Beach, California
Interesting Story
In 2007 Kush sued the pop singer Pink and her record company for copyright infringement when they used imagery from his painting Contes Erotiques
Vladimir's work usually consisted of oil paintings on canvas or board

He also made small scale bronze sculptures
Style and Works
Vladimir's work is categorized under the surrealist painting

He likes to call his style of painting metaphorical realism
He then won the battle the following year
In July 2011 he won the American First Prize in Painting
Music of the woods
"The forest is shiny and it sings, with all the colors, life and beauty it holds. Kush paints the song of the woods playing on a natural gramophone, alluding to the harmony of nature."
- Cuded.com
These sculptures are usually based on paintings he had finished
"Because of its ability to fly, its metamorphosis and its weightless quality, the Butterfly is a symbol of the soul, according to many different mythologies." -Vladimir Kush
"Ever been cloud watching? Every cloud resembles something, and transforms into something else. This lovely image is actually a genre scene, much more intimate than it appears at first glance." -http://www.cuded.com
Colour - The colour is very subdued giving the painting a more calming feel
Texture- The texture in the clouds allows the paitning to look more realistic
Balance- The clouds at the top balance out with the mountains at the botton
Harmony- the use of similar colours in the clouds as the mountains give the painting a harmonious feel
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