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Main Idea and Details

No description

Kimberley Hays

on 4 November 2017

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Transcript of Main Idea and Details

Supporting details
-An important skill in reading and writing.
Main Idea... Details...
The main idea is the
most important information in a text.
Sometimes the main idea is explicit; sometimes it is implied.
Not all information is equally important. Some is clearly more important than the rest.
A Visual
Main Idea
Supporting details
Supporting details
The Topic Sentence is just a fancy term for the
main idea
paragraph (usually the first sentence). It gives the reader an idea of what the
paragraph is going to be about.
Topic Sentence
Topic Sentences
*However, sometimes authors put a Topic Sentence in the middle or
one completely! (Don't do either of these! ! !)
You Try. . .
A tornado is a powerful, twisting windstorm. It begins high in the air, as part of a giant storm cloud. People who have watched a tornado’s winds reach down from the sky have said it’s the most frightening thing they have ever seen. In some parts of the United States, these windstorms are called twisters or cyclones.
Visually. . .
Tornado is
powerful, twisting
Also called
or cyclone
Part of giant
storm cloud
Tornadoes are frightening, powerful, twisting windstorms sometimes called twisters or cyclones that start in giant storm clouds.
Read the Passage and Choose the Main Idea
What is the Main Idea of the passage?
Read the Letter and Choose the Main Idea
What is the Main Idea of this letter?

The supporting details
help us understand the main idea.
Main Idea

-to find the most important points.
-helps organize the content.
-helps you become a better reader!
The Main Idea and Supporting Details
are like a
Michael Jordan is a talented athlete.
Most of us know him for his basketball
skills. He was also once a professional
baseball player. Another sport he played
was golf. Michael Jordan used his
atheltic talents to play three professional
Always look at the
FIRST sentence and
the LAST sentence.
where you'll find it.
Why should you find the
main idea in text?

Baseball's world Series

The World Series baseball championship has been played since 1903. There are 30 professional teams in the US and Canada. They are divided into two leagues: the American League and the National League. The champions from each league play each other in the World Series. The New York Yankees have won the Series 26 times. This is more than any other team. No organization has named the World Series as a "World Championship" event. However, sports fans still call it the "World Championship of Baseball."
a. The World Series baseball championship.
b. World champion New York Yankees.
c. How to win a baseball championship game.
d. International championship winning teams.
Dear Editor,
Many people in the Anaheim Hills neighborhood drive too fast. The speed limit says 30 miles per hour, but people drive 60 or 65. This is very dangerous. My friends and I can't ride our bikes safely. The speeding cars come around corners so fast. We have to get off the road to get out of their way. My friend Max broke his arm because he tried to avoid a car. Sometimes drivers run the stop signs. I have to wait on every car, even if I already stopped at my stop sign, because I can't be sure the cars will stop. Some don't even slow down. There are big holes on the road also. These need to be fixed. They might not bother cars, but they sure can mess up a bicycle. I wish the city would take care of these problems.
Thank you,
Students at Crescent Elementary
a. The speed limit in the neighborhood should be under 30.
b. Drivers run stop signs in the neighborhood.
c. Max broke his arm when he tried to avoid a car.
d. The neighborhood is a dangerous place for people to ride bikes.
Another Visual
What is the Main Idea?
Supporting Details:
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