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Technology in Physical Education

No description

Aaron Buckenara

on 2 November 2016

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Transcript of Technology in Physical Education

Motion Capture Apps
iPad Camera App - the hub, portability of tablets/iPad is a
gamechanger in PE

Bam Video Delay

Hudl Technique

Coaches Eye

Why Technology in Physical Education

Technology is everywhere

Students are digital natives

Student Engagement & Learning

Teacher time management

What once as not possible is now possible - in the moment assessment, video capture and upload instantaneously etc

Is there an app for that - Yes!
Hudl Technique in Action
Student Use of Hudl Technique
Teaching, Learning and Assessment
The iPad has changed the way I:
record and track attendance
record and track student achievement / assess
display learning objectives, skill cues, procedures, score etc
organise teams and groups
Just to name a few
What can we use tech for in PE?
Motion Capture
Time Saving / Productivity
Just to name a few - you start to leverage it in ways to suit you
Bam Video Delay in Action
Teaching and Learning
Swork it - Warm up
BalanceIt - Warm up/ Teamwork
'Spin It' - Warm up
Team Shake
Spotify - Music
Coachnote - Tutorial
Coachnote - Hockey example
QR codes - Pic Collage example
Sportstracker app - Sports Carnivals
Hudl Task
Warm Up Apps
Coachnote example
Used for game rules, strategies and tactics
Can be teacher or student led
QR Code - FMS Station Example
What are they?
Can be used in endless ways, from orienteering in Outdoor Ed to linking to score sheets in frisbee golf to skill demonstrations.
I use them often as a skill demo at each station in FMS so I don't need to explain every station, students simply scan, watch and do. Powerful stuff when linked to a looping video of a particular skill.
To setup you need a camera, QR scanner, Youtube / Vine / Google drive etc and QRstuff.com
Sports Carnivals
Sportstracker - www.sportstrackerapp.com

on the cloud
compatible with any device
link to twitter - program will auto tweet results, allows parents to keep track of real time results and scores.
easily manage meets with drag and drop students names and groups, events etc.
Created by the PE Geek - Jarrod Robinson
Technology in PE - Acting, Thinking, Doing.
Follow this Presentation on your device by 'Googling' 'Prezi Aaron Buckenara'
Health and Physical Education Teacher at Treendale Primary School located in South West of WA
Passionate about integrating technology into teaching and learning, specifically Physical Education
Co - lead an LT team within the school
TPS is 1:1 BYOD, 95% of students bring their iPad to school the rest use school iPads
I will include resources for teacher use and whole class use of iPads
QR Code Demo
Sample of QR code skill sheet at a station
Have a look at the clip and think of how you can use this in your PE classes

Teaching high jump - whole group demo and feedback
How could you use this?
Sportstracker Demo
That's a wrap!
This has been just a brief snapshot into incorporating technology into PE, the possibilities are endless.
To access this presentation just google 'Prezi Aaron Buckenara'
For Youtube Tutorials go to my channel on youtube 'Aaron Buckenara' or
Follow me on twitter @AaronBuckenara
Swork It
Balance it
Spin it
Jump it
Work it

Team Shake
A team grouping app - saves time numbering etc
Your Task
using Hudl Technique, create an account using an email address.
Use the camera to film a skill and annotate over it using voice and drawings (optional).
Save it to the camera roll and upload it to seesaw
Use the A3 handout sheet attached to help you step by step.
Film a skill with a partner, one iPad between 2. Then use Hudl technique to analyse it
Google Forms
Another quick way of assessing:

Students answer short, long or multi choice questions
I use it an an exit ticket, to record beep test scores, demonstrate understanding, injured students etc
All you need is a google account and from there create a google for.
You can add images, youtube vids, or user created gifs to questions
All student responses are automatically created and logged in an excel sheet, or within the form itself.
Analysing high jump performance
Analysing a soccer pass
Google Form Example
So students can access forms easier, rather writing in the website code. I simply copy the website and create a QR code out of it using QR stuff.com, students then scan the code and it takes them directly to my form.
iDoceo and Easy Assessment
Well almost. Time for a quick Quiz. If you have a device with an internet connection (your mobile phone will be just fine) Google 'Kahoot' and enter the code on the board followed by your name.

Gradebook with Rubrics
Evidence of student work
Seating Plan
and more
Digital version of Paper, Pen and Clipboard
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