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The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind: Summer Book Report

By Nick Pie

Nicholas Pieseski

on 11 May 2012

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Transcript of The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind: Summer Book Report

The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind Setting: story set in modern Malawi.
Most live off farming, little income is provided.
Most are completly poor, no electricity, no elctronincs.
Magic rules suspicions and stories, no science. Audience main audience, people older than 10 under 10, famine, also the pope
be able to understand mechanics, more experience
when older you can relate to all of the feelings that the characters experience.
loss, joy, confusion, anger, and inspiration. Climax William discovers electricity, radios, dynamo.

turning point in the story, more than magic

William is intrested, starts investigating

thinks about making life easier for the village Favorite Quote Main Characters By William Kamkwamba •William: Most important character. Starts as a young boy, believes only in magic.Grows to start finding more and more about electricity. End of the story, finds tons of information about electricity from books

•Gilbert: Gilbert is the chief’s son. Is always there for William
dynamo, man on his bike, Gilbert has money. He also always goes to the library with William help him find information for the windmill.

•Geoffrey: Geoffrey=good friend to Gilbert and William. As he gets older, he is not interested in going to the library.

•William’s father: mostly farms after a long life as a trader. Farming is the family’s main source of income. He does not really think William is still sane and not exactly sure whether or not to go with William’s windmill plan. Summary The beginning describes life revolution around magic.
Around our age he is sent to school,
The famine starts and food grows less and less for every one. Not enough food and money.
Many people die, misqitos spread diseases, and the family has only a few bites every night.
Next, the crop is ready and there is no longer hunger. William is still not allowed to go to school. He teaches himself. (notes, books)
At the library he learns about windmills. He builds his own working model.
He builds his own and becomes famous, goes to school and installs electricity in the village. Discussion of Author started life as a poor farmer’s son
School drop out
inspired by a book
Built the windmill and wired lights along with…
famous Recomendation enjoys a story of hardship
inspiration and creativity
pushing through, against odds
Non fiction, from ashes to glory
older age
Knows about science Resolution resolution of story, everything gets better for the family.
William becomes famous, wind mill, lights
gets sent back to school
gets all safe parts
water pump to work getting them a second crop
lights are strung across the villiage. •Favorite quotes, misala, crazy
•Proves others wrong
•Becomes a great success
•helps out the family pg 190 Nick Pie's Book Report By the way, most of this is just my "notecards" that I will be using for my presentation so it won't make much sense if you start to read before I present.
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