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Dear Mr. Kilmer

No description

emylia joe

on 18 April 2016

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Transcript of Dear Mr. Kilmer

Yana Afande
That night, Richard writes a poem about Pa, but he may not share it with him.
A few weeks later, Mr. Kilmer writes to Richard that he rolunteered to fight in this last war so that young people like him need no fight and die anymore. He also likes Hannah's last line for Richard's poem.
That year, Pa has extra corn to sell and makes a profit. Richard enjoys working wiht Pa, but there is still a barrier between them. He notices that Pa sometimes gazes with a sad and haunted look.
Pa's wish for his sons to have an education.
Chapter 5
Dear Mr. Kilmer
Joyce Kilmer and Otto Schermer fighting in the war.
Richard shares Mr. Kilmer's latest letter with his class and his poem on a thunderstorm. Then, he roads the poem on the troop train which he plans to send to Mr. Kilmer. Now, Blanche, Peggy, and a few other students look at Richard with newfound respect.
Richard tells the class that he would like a different ending for his poem on the troop train but he cannot think of one. Hannah suggest changing it to," Although I wonder why?".
Mr. Higby, Richard's history teacher, talks about the war in the class. He corrects Abner and Peggy when they refer to the Germans as Huns. He tells the class that the Germans are not Huns and explains that Huns are Nomadic, Horsemen who controlled much of Europe.
That night, Richard writes a letter and sends his poem on the troop train to Mr. Kilmer. He also tells him that the last line in the poem is suggest by friend.
Kind, sensitive, and sympathetic; a nature lover
Creative and artistic
Hardworking, hamble, and helpful
During the summer holidays, he works hard on the farm.
$Determined to be a famous poet
Towards the end of April, Mrs. Hansen reads Mr. Kilmer's poet on the trees.
Richard likes it, and he borrows Mr. Kilmer's poetry book "Trees and Other Poems" from her.
$ Afraid of his father
Richard want to ask his father a lot of questions like how Turtle Lake was before he was born, his childhood and about Uncle Roland whenever they work together on the farm.
The famous American poet
He writes poems and work for "The New York Times"
He understands Richard's fears about telling people he writes poetry.
As a family man, he is not required to join the services, but he volunteers to enlist in the Army.
He tells Richard that he volunteered to fight in this last war to end all other possible wars so young people like him need not to fight and die. He believes President Wilson's war to end all other possible wars a "beautiful dream".
He has two sons, Richard and Gus and a daughter, Angie
His wife died 8 years ago
His brother, Roland died in Cuba during the Spanish-America War
Richard enjoys working with his father out he cannot get close to him. There is still barrier between them.
He cleans the farm and does all the work with his son, Richard.

Richard's friendship with Hannah and Joyce Kilmer.
The importance of education
In Mrs. Hansen's class
On the last day of school, Richard tells the class how he started writting to Mr. Kilmer.
In history class
Mr. Highy talks about the war and tells the students that the American troops are arriving in France.
On the farm
Richard enjoy farming and taking care of the animals wiht Pa.
At night
That night, Richard replies to Mr. Kilmer's latest letter.
A few weeks after the end of school
Mr. Kilmer send a letter to Richard. Mr. Kilmer says he enjoyed reading Richard's letter and poems.
In summer
The summer, they have extra corn to sell.
The gift of friendship
Richard and Hannah supported each other when their classmates were unkind to them.
Be creative
Poetry writing is a form of creative expression which brings comfort to both Richard and Joyce Kilmer.
Mr. Hghy tells his students that the liberty Bonds Posters are wrong in calling present-day Germans 'Huns'
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