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Beijing, China

No description

Jill Wolfgang

on 27 May 2010

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Transcript of Beijing, China

Tiananmen Square, the Temple of Heaven & The Forbidden City are some of the main tourist attractions located in Beijing by: Jill Wolfgang Beijing is one of the largest and
most populated cities in the world In 2008, Beijing hosted the
Olympic Games At one time, there were rampant problems of pollution, heavy traffic, and loss of traditional and historic areas. but now, much has been done to clean up these problems Climate:
-has extremely cold, windy winters
-very hot, humid summers
-east asian monsoons bring heavy rains Beijing has a very active nightlife

-Many young adults go out to pubs and listen
to techno and trance music Sanliun Street and Wudaokou are popular hangouts Beijing is the political, cultural and educational nerve center of China On an average day, the air pollution levels in Beijing are nearly five times above World Health Organization standards for safety.

Fossil remains of the Peking
man were found in Zhoukoudian
-also: his stone tools
-Evidence of the use of fire
-found remains of the age of the
Upper Cave Man Beijing
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