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New York

No description

Sara Soldano

on 4 June 2013

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Transcript of New York

New York By Sara Soldano Year of:
2013 Mr. Phillips
Carlton Ave. School This is the state flag The nickname is
The Empire State. This is its nickname because in New York City there is the Famous Empire State Building. The state seal The state colors are blue and gold. The motto is Excelsior, meaning ever upward. Basic Facts The capital of New York is Albany New York became a state July 26, 1788 The population of "The Empire State" is about 19,378,102 The largest city in New York is New York City The rose is the state flower and
the Sugar Maple is the state tree History One of the most important dates for New york was:
*November 25, 1783
*July 26, 1788
*1853 Henry Hudson discovered Hudson River was the battle of Saratoga New York became the 11th state Railroads started *Famous People Sarah Gellar (Daphne from Scooby Doo) Michael Jordan Theodore Roosevelt Native American Tribes:
Mohawk People
Shinnecock Franklin D. Roosevelt This is New York in a US map New York City Albany Buffalo Capital Climate In the summer the climate is
about 80- 90 degrees F.
In the winter it gets pretty cold,
up to about -13 degrees F. A sunny day in New York. Bibliography I used the websites: wikipedia.org
I searched on the New York
State And the book: The first one to find this gets nothing New York State New York has many
mountains, such as
the Appalachian
Mountains. It has a
lot of rivers and lakes,
with some forests. The
island, where the Statue of Liberty, is surrounded by
the Atlantic Ocean. The 3 major industries are:
Real Estate
Finace and
Manufacturing Economy Why do people visit?
There is the The Statue of Liberty, which you can go on, and the Empire State Building. The major crops are:
the apple crops and
the grape crops
and Peaches I think that New York is a great place to live and even just visit. You can explore the miles of beaches and take a ferry boat. Even though there are a lot of people, having a house there would not be such a bad idea. Guide to American States New York By Val Lawton
Printed by the AV2 company
Printed 2012 50state.com
By Marchex Inc.
copyright 2013. e-referancedesk.com
The e-ReferenceDesk
accessed 2004. 42.6525° N is the longitude of Albany, New York 73.7567° W is the latitude of Albany, New York Nobody will find this Conclusion New York is in the northeast The 11th state
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