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Nicole Simpson And Ronald Goldman Dead

No description

Stephanie Weiss

on 15 May 2017

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Transcript of Nicole Simpson And Ronald Goldman Dead

What is Your Theory ? !? !
The murder took place at Nicole Simpsons townhouse at 10 -11p.m.
Source: Buzzfeed
Where Did the Murder Take Place? !? !
What Are Other Theories? ! ? !
The first theory is that O.J. 's son (Jason Simpson) them because he already threatened his girlfriend with a knife.
The second theory is that serial killer Glen Rogers who's brother said: ''He admitted to killing Nicole Simpson but not Ronald Goldman
I think O.J. and Jason Simpson did it. I say this because Jason already had threatened that he would kill his girlfriend and had been diagnosed with rage, and O.J. because not only was his blood on the evidence with Nicole Simpson and Ronald Goldman's blood,but I think the scientific form of "contracting" tampered the evidence.
Sunday,June 12, 1994
Vol XCIII, No. 311
The O. J. Simpson Trial
What is the Mystery? !? !
The mystery is that O.J Simpson supposedly killed his wife (Nicole Simpson) and their waiter (Ronald Goldman).It is unsolved because some of the jury and the audience think that the scientific form of "contracting'' made the evidence smaller since they had to freeze the gloves for preserving.Thereforemaking the mystery:Did O.J. do it or not?
Unsolved Mystery : Nicole Simpson And Ronald Goldman DEAD !!
The End
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