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BYOT- Technology in the Classroom

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Kellie Patterson

on 11 October 2013

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Transcript of BYOT- Technology in the Classroom

BYOT- Technology in the Classroom
On Board with BYOT
Increasingly, schools are accepting BYOT policies for their students. Why?
Technology,which can be used in the classroom, is becoming cheaper (laptops, smartphones, netbooks, e-book readers etc.)
Teachers are beginning to use technology in their teaching strategies
Adults lives are also becoming heavily involved with technology in their personal and professional life
Schools will never reach the desired funding to bring technology to all of their students

Past Practices
In the past, schools simply banned personal technology altogether or left technology use up to the teachers discretion
Technology has become too popular and too important in ones life to be considered obsolete or not allowed within the classroom
Planning for BYOT
Policies- Make sure to have strict and easy to follow policies regarding BYOT in school. (Acceptable Use Policy)
set limits, guidelines and make sure teachers know what is appropriate use of technology within the classroom
Rationale- Why allow BYOT?
Have goals that BYOT will reach for your students
Infrastructure- The addition of multiple devices on a schools Wi-Fi may not be able to accommodate all students.
Make sure proper bandwidth is installed
Parent and Teacher Involvement
Parental involvement is also key
Parents should know which devices to buy for their children
not every device will be compatible or necessarily useful in the classroom
All staff should be properly trained on technological devices.
Teachers should have guidelines in their classrooms on how to use technology
Teachers should select their resources carefully
Is it accessible to all students, is it helpful, does it comply with the BYOT Policy
One major argument against BYOT is that not all students have smartphones or laptops
To combat this issue it is important to have school owned devices as well
Students can access school computers in their class or in a computer lab
Need to make sure all students have access to a technological device, not just those who can afford them.
Welcome to the Technology Era
BYOT is a popular policy used in many schools today
The use of personal technology can engage students and open new learning possibilities
With the combined efforts of students, parents and teachers, technology can be a useful and often times a necessary addition to the classroom.
Jump on board with BYOT!
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