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Social Responsibility and Corporate Citizenship

MBA 634 Sustainability Principles and Practices

Ryan Maloney

on 11 February 2013

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Transcript of Social Responsibility and Corporate Citizenship

Results and Benefits Application - Building Brand Reputation
•Create and influence internal and external change

•Communicate success internally and externally through transparency

•Help build grassroots leadership

•Generate efficiencies and savings

•Create value that can be rewarded for sustained positive economic impact Jared Cowen
Kat Mckee
Colin Umbarger
Ryan Maloney Social Responsibility and
Corporate Citizenship - People are inherently good
- Overall Public Trust
- Feel Good Purchases
- Positive Press Coverage - New Opportunities for Growth and Innovation - Partnerships
- Unmet needs, Unsolved problems, Underserved markets
- Focus on the world that's changing around them
- Motivate employees to find new problems to solve
- IBM Green Computing; Levi Strauss Human Rights Results and Benefits (Cont.) - Attracting and Retaining Staff - Desire to be part of a socially responsible company
- Initiate promotion of pride
- Increased Loyalty, Commitment, and Productivity
- People Development
- Involvement
- Fostering teamwork and developing leadership - Values as an Anchor - Clear sense of purpose
- Supercharge organization with energy and commitment New Business Opportunities - Social Entrepreneurship - Benefit Corporation (B Corp) - "Whenever I see a problem, I start a business"
- People using their own money and interested in measurable results
- Real Good, not feel-good.
- Crowdfunding - Focus of stakeholders over shareholders.
- Blurring the line between for-profit and non-profit, between business and charity.
- Legal Certification Results and Benefits (Cont.) - Lower Costs of Doing Business - Energy conservation
- Resource waste reduction
- Shared knowledge - Better Relationships with Authorities - Local, State, and Federal
- Domestic and International
- Less Risk of Regulation - A Fine Balance - Using greener materials that threaten the integrity of your product
- When charitable becomes pompous Social Responsibility and Citizenship - The Growing Demand - "Businesses as corporate citizens have the responsibility to take leadership positions in their communities and act as good environmental stewards, social servants, and overall change agents." - Norman Christopher - Today's Climate - 3 Billion people living on less than $2 per day
- 1 Billion people don't have access to clean drinking water
- Current Sustainability here in West Michigan Social Responsibility???? - Numerous Ways of Contribution - Education and Outreach
- Access to Healthcare
- Public Safety
- Emergency Management
- Arts, Culture and Recreation
- Civic Vitality and Engagement
- Social Equity - Environmental Justice
- Human Services
- Affordable Housing
- Poverty and Homelessness
- Educational Attainment
- Access to Healthy Food
- Youth Development
- Workforce Development - Social Responsibility is... Corporate Citizenship - Corporate Citizenship is... - Corporate citizens are willing to get to the root of the problem.
- Focus on one or two important community social issues. Levels of Citizen Responsibility - Personally Responsible Citizen - "Sure, I will help out. See you then." - Participatory Citizen - "Let's organize a few of us MBA's and confront these businesses down by the river. I'll talk with Peter, you talk with Paul." - Social-Justice Oriented Citizen - "Okay. GVSU currently uses 45,000 gallons of water to irrigate 3.65 acres of land...how many gallons can be saved by implementing one acre with less water-demanding greenery? Let's find out!" Application (cont.) Basis for Application Application (cont.) Internal Applications External Application Case Studies -Wolverine World Wide - Wolverine World Foundation
- Environmental Footprint - Kellogg Company - Corporate Responsibility Report
- Programs in the Workplace
- Programs in the Community Other Examples -Walt Disney - Make-A-Wish
- Community Involvement - Meijer - Big Brother, Big Sisters
- Toys for Tots •Embrace sustainable development best practices

•Partnering with stakeholders

•Allow stakeholders to play a role in decision making

• Develop programs for employees in need

• Wellness programs

•Exhibit leadership in the community

•Help determine future vision of community

•Work collectively with others to raise the bar

•Partner with global causes, organizations,
and programs
Internal External
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