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Tommie Whitaker

on 4 August 2015

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Single-Blade, Standard or Flathead Screwdriver
Torx Screwdriver
Impact Driver
Pozidrive Screwdriver
Allen Wrenches
Hex Bit / Allen Sockets
Why is it called a combination wrench?
Combination Wrench Set
Crowfoot Wrenches
Crowfoot Line Wrench
Standard Crowfoot Wrench
Flare Nut / Tubing / Line Wrench

This wrench is basically two crowfoot wrenches with a handle.
Torque Wrench
Used when fastening pressure is needing sealing or operation.
Basically, a torque wrench is used to accurately tighten a bolt a certain exact spec.
Flex/Universal Sockets
6 - Point Deep Socket
12- Point Shallow Socket
Standard Ratchet
Connects to a socket.
Used to provide leverage when turning nuts and bolts.
Flex-Head Ratchet
Technical term for this ratchet would be a spark plug ratchet due to its contoured handle. The handle provides additional clearance for your knuckles.
Speed Handles
"Extend" your reach
Impact Extensions
For use with pneumatic impacts
Universal Joint
Allows you to turn a nut or bolt while holding the drive at an angle.
Tools with a pair of adjustable pivoted jaws .
Used for cutting, crimping, bending , or gripping.
Available in a wide variety of styles for many different tasks.
Slip-Joint Pliers
Combination Pliers
Needle Nose Pliers
Side Cutting Pliers
More Pliers!
Automatic Wire Strippers
Locking Jaw Pliers/Vise Grips
Wire Strippers
Battery Terminal Pliers
Hose Clamp Pliers
Chisels and Punches
Chisels are used to cut off damaged nuts, bolts, and rivet heads.
Punches are used to drive round objects such as pins.
Chisel Holder
Protects your hands.
Ball Peen Hammer
Brass Hammer
Plastic Tip Hammer
Rubber Mallet
Dead Blow Hammer
Prying Tools:
Rolling-Head Pry Bar
Screwdriver-type Pry Bar
Miscellaneous Tools
Compressed-Air Blowgun
Battery Post Cleaner
Battery Terminal Pliers
Brake Spoon
Battery Terminal Puller
Carbon Scraper
Claw-Type Pickup Tool
Ear Protection
Magnetic Pickup Tool
Safety Glasses
Test Light
Wire Brush
And More Miscellaneous Tools
More Miscellaneous Tools
Feeler Gauge
Fuse Pullers
Inspection Mirror
Jumper-wire (with adapter)
Gasket Scraper
Individual Hand Tools
Sockets & Ratchets
Flexhead Ratchet
Speed Handle
Flex Handle (Breaker Bar) Set
Spark Plug Sockets
Universal Joint
Flexible Socket
Hose-Clamp Pliers
Locking -Jaw Pliers (Vise Grips)
Phillips-Head Screwdriver
Torx Head Screwdriver
Screw Starter
Who needs eye protection???
How to use a Torque Wrench
Most shops require the technician to have a complete set of professional hand tools as a condition of employment.
A starter set can cost between $1,000 and $2,000.
Most automotive technicians have more than $5,000 worth of tools.
A Hand Tool is a tool that does not use a motor and obtains its energy from the person using it.
What are some examples of hand tools?
Power tools are driven by electric or pneumatic motors.
An air compressor is the source of compressed air for an auto shop.
What are some examples of Pneumatic (air) tools?
Hand tools should be wiped clean and dry after use.
Tools left lying on the floor are a safety hazard.
Metric VS Standard????
Purchase quality tools. They are lighter, stronger, easier to use and more dependable than off-brand, bargain tools.
A toolbox stores and protects a technicians tools when not in use
Tool holders help organize small tools
Wrench size is determined by measuring across the wrench jaws.
The size is stamped on the side of the wrench.
Box-end wrenches are completely closed on both ends . They fully surround
and grip the head of a bolt or nut.
A 6 point opening is the strongest configuration and should be used
on tight, rusted, or partially rounded bolts or nuts
A socket is a cylinder shaped, box end tool for removing or installing bolts and nuts.
hexagonal (six-sided) wrench used to turn set screws on
pulleys, gears, and knobs
Adjustable wrench
Also called a crescent wrench, has jaws that can be adjusted to fit different sizes of nut and bolt heads. It should be used only when other types of wrenches will not fit.
Standard or flathead has a single blade.
Phillips has 2 crossing blades that fit a cross shaped screw slot
Quick disconnect couplings are used to connect air hoses and air tools to compressed air in the shop.
Shop air pressure is normally between 100 and
150 pounds per square inch (psi)
Air tools or pneumatic tools, use compressed air to operate.
Pneumatic tools should be lubricated with air tool oil, place a few drops into the tools air inlet fitting
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