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The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian

Bleranda Vrenezi

bleranda vrenezi

on 1 March 2013

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Transcript of The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian

Timeline Calculations 2013 2009 2010 2011 2012 Team 0 + - = 9 8 7 1 2 3 4 5 6 c Chapter 4 Because Geometry is not a Country somewhere near France Chapter 5 Hope against Hope Prediction Of the Book Chapter 1 Black Eye of the Month club Sherman Alexi Sherman Joseph Alexie, Jr. his was born October 7, 1966and he is a poet, writer, filmmaker, and occasional comedian. Much of his writing draws on his experiences as a Native American growing up on the Spokane Indian reservation.

He currently lives in Seattle, Washington.
His first novel, Reservation Blues, received one of the fifteen 1996 American Book Awards.

His first young adult novel, The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian, is a semi-autobiographical novel that won the 2007 U.S. National Book Award for Young People's Literature and the Odyssey Award as best 2008 audiobook for young people. His collection of short stories and poems, entitled War Dances, won the 2010 Award for Fiction. Chapter 11 Why Chicken mean so much to me Chapter 6 Go means Go Chapter 3 Revenge is my middle name The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian The Absolutely True Diary of A part-Time Indian Author: Sherman Alexie I think this book is about a Indian who talks about his past, (Part-Time). Also
how hard it was for the Indian in the olden days.He might be an Indian who is living in the modern world as a part time Indian. The book also might be about a young boy that wants to be a Absolutely True Indian.Or he might learn a lesson that his family were one of first people to live in North America.Or he might learn how to be a True Indian. -A brain grease
-His teeth got so crowed that he could barely close his mouth
-he had seizures and every time he had a seizure he got more brain damage
-Hes 14 years old
-He gets bulled a lot
-He draws for his mom and his sisters and he draws because he feels like he's talking to the world when he draws
-He was 6 months when he got his first seizure because he had to much water in his brain
-He had 42 teeth -Hes living poor with his family
-His friend got really sick
-his Family didn't have that much money to take his friend to the hospital
-his dad shot his friend
-his mom could read the newspaper in 15 min and tell him every thing that was in the newspaper
-His dad loves to be a musician he plays Piano and saxophone
-bullets are 2 cents Chapter 2 -he was sad because his best friend died
-his dad drinks a lot
-he thinks that no one will miss him if he dies
-Rowdy was a really brave guy
-he was in a fight when he was in the kindergarten
-Junior was born 2 hours before Rowdy
-Rowdy was the only person that listens to him
- he got bulled by a 33 year old man - he was 14 and it was his first day at High school
-his sister didn't go to collage after she was finished with high school
-his teacher sometimes forget to come to school
-he found his moms book when she was in school
-he was exited about school
-him and his friend were going to join basketball -He punched Mr.P and he got suspended
-Junior hated Mr.P the second he said they were trying to kill the indian culture
-his sister wanted to be a writer
-she wanted to write romance novel
- his dad watched basketball on the TV with Junior but his dad didn't talk much to Junior
- -Junior sat on the porch and thought about his life
-Junior asked his parents a question
-Junior wants to transfer schools
-he's dad said that they couldn't afford to move
-Reardan was a rich farm school
- and they had two basketball field Chapter 7 Rowdy Sings the blues -The day after Jr decided he was going transfer
-He wanted Rowdy to transfer with him
-Rowdy didn't believe him
-Rowdy called Jr a retard
-Rowdy punched Jr Chapter 8 H How to fight monsters -Junior's dad drove him to his new school Reardan
-Junior got 1 dollar from his dad
-the white kids surounded Junior
-Junior was allergic to almost every plant in the world.
-they laughed at Junior's name
-Junior actual name is Arnold spirit Junior
-Roger told Junior a really racist joke
-Junior's new teacher was Mr.Grant
-Penelope was the first girl that Junior saw and really liked Chapter 9 My grandmother gives me advice -Jr wishes rowdy was sill his friend
-He told his grandma what happened
- Junior think that his grand mother is the smartest person in the world
-Roger likes to bike Chapter 10 Tears of a Clown -when he was 12 he fell in love with a girl named Dawn
-Rowdy never told jr's secrets to anyone
- Jr though that Down was out of hi league Halloween -he dressed up as a homeless person
-three guys jumped on Jr and kicked him
-people liked Jr costume
-he had bruises all over his back
-he went to Rowdy and asked him for some advice
-he collected money and he wanted to give it to homeless people Chapter 12 Slouching Toward Thanksgiving -Jr was walking around like a zombie
- he sat by himself for lunch he played in th corner of the gym by himslef becuse no white kids would hangout with him and play with him
-Goedy was the class genius
-even the teacher treated Junior like an idoit.
-Jr waited 30 mintues for his dad, then he started walikng
-Jr sister got married
- jr sister wanted 10 babies
-jr parents weren't so happy when jr's sister said that she was going to get married
-jr got a new good friend Chapter 13 My sister sends me a email -Dear Jr, my love at Montana beautiful
-Jr sister went to her hunnymoon at a hotel
- and there was fried bread for $5 Chapter 14 thanks giving -they had turkey and gravy and mashed patatoes.
-he missed Rowdy
-he drew a cartoon of him and Rowdy
- Rowdys dad thought that Jr was gay
-Rowdy gave Jr the finger
-Jr waved at Rowdy
- her dad is a racist
- she wasnt happy in her life Chapter 15 Hunger pains -Jr history teacher was trying to teach them somthing about civil war, his history teahcer was really boring
- he got our of his class by saying he had to go to the bathroom
- he heard a weird noises in from the girls bathroom
- he knocked on the girls bathroom to see if the girl was okay
-the girl in the bathroom was penelope
-she was chewing gum to hide the smell from the throwup on her breath
-Jr told Penolope not to give uo and then she started crying
-Penolope choose Jr to be her new friend
-Penolope and Jr kissed and hugged few times
-Penolope and Jr are dating Chapter 16 Rowdy gives me advice about love - Penelope was shooting the ball and jr was watching her play volleyball
- the score was 12 to 0
- he wished he was the vallyball
-he almost fainted when she hit the ball
-he eamiled rowdy
-Jr loved a white girl
- Rowdy didnt give him any advice
- Gordy said that Jr was a rciest for loving a white girl Chapter 17 Dance Dance Dance - Jr was half indian on one place and half white on the other
- Penelope was the one person who made Jr happy and his parents
- to make a lot of money you had to work at the casino
-he did have much money to pay for the gas
-he asked Penelope to meet him at the gym
- Penelope thought that hes suit was beauliful
- He gave her a little kiss to Penelope on the cheek
- Jr was popular same with Penelope
-At the diner,mid wat Jr went to the bathroom
- Jr wanted to join Basketball
-Jr wanted to tell his friend the truth
- Jr's dad was picking Jr and Penelope up
- Penelope asked Jr if he was poor and he said yes
- Then she kissed him on the lips
-Roger was like a brother to Penelope
- Penelope said that Roger would drive Jr at home Chapter 18 Don't trust your computer -Jr emailed a picture of his face
-Rowdy send a pictrue of his butt to Jr
- Jr told Gordy that Rowdy hated him because he left the rez Chapter 19 My sister sends me a letter - Jr sister is still looking for a job
- Jr's sister moved to a diffrent house
- Jr's sister said to tell everyone that she love them
- Chapter 20 reindeer games -Jr tried for Basketball
- his mom was 8 years older then his dad
- his mom helped his dad get a drink when they where young
-Roger could dunk
- there is 40 players on the basketball team
-but they only needed 12 for the c scud
- they handed to cut of 16 players
- they had to run 100 laps
-only 36 of them ran 100 laps
- they had to go full court 1 on 1
- Roger pocket the ball our of Jr's hand and he dunked it before Jr could get the ball
-Roger dunked it again
-Jr was a great shooter
- Jr wanted to vs Roger again
- Roger tried to get the ball but failed Jr did a 360 spin around roger but roger got the ball again and Jr got the ball again and he stopped and Jr scored
-there are no fauls called on full game 1 vs 1
- Jr had a basketball game
-Jrs dad mom and grandmother watched Jr played
-he almost fainted in the locker room he felt dizzy
-he was mad and he was sitting on the bench
-the score was 10-10
-he got hit on the forehead with a penny
-they where down by 5 points
- Jr got the ball and Rowdy knocked the ball from JR
-Jr couldn't remember
- Jr's team lost by 13 points
- Jr went to the hospital
- coach went to talk to Jr at the hospital
- Jr and his coach talked for hours and hours Chapter 21 A Partridge and a pear tree -when the holidays were around they
- his dad didn't have money so he went to get drunk and came back on January 2nd
- his dad got Jr something
- his dad gave him a $5 dollar bill
- Marry Christmas his dad said
- his dad was asleep on the chair and Jr said thanks dad and kissed him on the cheek Chapter 22 Red vs white
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