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Copy of Back to School with doTERRA

No description

Michelle Tolbert

on 7 August 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Back to School with doTERRA

3 Requirements for Success at School
Healthy Immune System
Restful Sleep
Mental Clarity & Focus
Back to School with doTERRA Essential Oils
What are essential oils?
100% pure and natural
The benefits are safe without side effects
Able to treat BOTH viral and bacterial symptoms because essential oils can pass through the cell walls.
Aromatic compounds naturally extracted from plants.
Steam distilled or cold pressed extraction
Very concentrated

Routines & Protocols
Healthy Immune System
Adequate Sleep
Mental Clarity & Focus

For Teachers:
Lemon Oil: Clean white boards, add to water, or diffuse for cleaning and energizing qualities
Peppermint Oil: Use to relieve headaches or energize. Also available in beadlets.
Diffuse in classroom:
OnGuard=Germ Fighting
Lavender= Calm and Relieve Stress
Peppermint = Wake them up and keep them alert
Rosemary= Boost memory and brain performance
Citrus Bliss= Freshen classroom and uplift moods

3 Paths of doTERRA
1. Buy Retail.
2. Join as a wholesale member with a $35 fee
3. Buy an Enrollment Kit and get your wholesale membership with the oils & products.

*All wholesale members get access to 25% discout on oils & products as well as rewards benefits with no strings attached.
Internal Immune Defense
Daily PB Assist+
OnGuard Beadlets or Lozenges
External Immune Defense
On Guard Foaming Handwash
OnGuard Concentrate Cleaner
OnGuard Oil Daily on bottom of feet
Use oil for cleaning
For a peaceful night sleep make sure to establish consistent bed-time routines as well as bed times.
Use Balance in the morning to help ground or Citrus Bliss/Elevation blend to help wake-up.
Diffuse Citrus Bliss or Elevation during morning routine
Use Serenity before bedtime on back and/or feet.
Diffuse Serenity or Lavender during bedtime.

Rosemary improves brain performance and mood
Citrus Bliss can help with wakefulness
Peppermint is known for assisting with memory recall
Diffuse in classroom or apply to neck, temple, feet, etc.
Use oils daily (take LLV or A2Z and IQ Mega)
Make roller-balls or "travel kit" for desk/backpack/locker
Talk to your child's teacher about using essential oils in the classroom
Use oils during homework routines, then have students use the same oils for recall during testing later
Let students decide what oils work best for them

Suggested Protocols:
In Tune, Serenity, Lavender--Diffuse into the air or inhald from bottle or tissue or cotton wick.
In Tune, Serenity, Vetiver, Lavender-- Dilute and apply on bottoms of feet and/or the spine.
Peaceful Child Blend-- Make in roller bottle and use to help with hyperactivity
Jeddy's Blend-- created by mom of son with severe ADHD
Other protocols can be found at http://homegrownsimplicity.wordpress.com/2013/06/18/essential-oils-for-addadhdhyperactivity/
doTERRA Living Back to School: http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/03a7a96d#/03a7a96d/10
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