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Madame LaLaurie

No description

Kaylee Barber

on 7 May 2014

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Transcript of Madame LaLaurie

Delphine ( Madame) LaLaurie
Criteria for Victims
The first incident that showed laLaurie as a true killer was in 1833. Delphine chased a small slave girl with a whip until the girl fell off the roof of the house and died. LaLaurie tried to cover up the incident, but police found the body hidden in a well. Authorities decided to fine LaLaurie and force the sale of the other slaves on the estate. LaLaurie was able to get past these obstacles by arranging for family members to buy the slaves for her and sneak them into the house.
Method of Murder
How was she caught?
After a kitchen fire in the LaLaurie establishment( it was never discovered how or who started this fire), the numerous bodies were discovered. The town and many others in the city formed a lynching mob outside the house. This is when LaLaurie found her four daughters dead bodies outside their house, hung by the angry mob. With witnessing this, LaLaurie fled to Paris where she eventually died years later. Authorities were not able to trace where she planned on going, so finding her was impossible. She was never brought to justice for her countless murders, for she was never found in time, until her headstone was discovered about a 100 years later.
Madame (Delphine) Lalaurie
Socialite and Serial Killer
Birth of Delphine Lalaurie
LaLaurie was born in 1775, in New Orleans, Louisiana. She grew up with wealth and ended up having two husbands, and four daughters.
Madame LaLaurie was known for her sadistic medical experiments. She was fascinated with pushing someones bodie past normal limits, like starving them for weeks and then starting the torture. She was obsessed with the idea of staying youthful, so with most of her victims she would take their blood immediately after killing them, and put the blood on her face, thinking it would "replenish" the skin. She tortured most of her victims, by chaining them to walls naked, ripping of their nails, gouging out their eyes, and sewing their lips together. (this was mostly done to the men). With women, different ways of torture were used. To one women, she reassembled her bones in odd ways (like a crab) and to another she peeled off patches of skin and would tie their legs together. After she was done with her victims, she put in them in various walls of her mansion, where they would later be found by a mysterious incident.
Madame LaLaurie mainly abused 18-25 year old men (slaves) but would stray sometimes to women at that age also. Later on near the end of her murders, she tortured her four daughters, who were later on killed by hanging from an angry mob after word of her murders got out.
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