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chris brown

No description

nancy chavira

on 28 May 2013

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Transcript of chris brown

The Controversial life of the R&B singer
Chris Brown By Nancy Chavira Childhood He was born in May 5 1989
he was born at Tappahannock, Virginia
Chris Brown was inspire with the artist that there parents heard when he was young
He started his career when he was only 13.
He was only 15 when he left school Career Starts At aged 15 Chris was discovered by Tina Davis.
In 2005 he debuted with his album Eponymus.
His two most well known singles are Run it and YO (excuse me miss).
That was the start of an amazing career. The Abuse Scandal Chris was in the best part in his career he was in movies such as, Stomp the yard but something went wrong
In February 2009 he was arrested because he had assaulted his former girlfriend ( Rhihanna) for an argument
After the news was spreed he said," Words can not begin to express how sorry and saddened I am over what transpired".
He pleaded guilty and was charged and sentence with 180 community hours and 5 years probation. His amazing comeback After all the controversy with Rhihanna he was out for 2 years
In 2011 he made a big comeback with his singles,Look at me now and Deuces
After that he was beginning to be in the top charts.
since then he has won 52 awards and has been nominated to 157 awards. Summary This demonstrates that when you have dreams it could come true. Also, that shows that no one is perfect even famous people make mistakes. Finally it demonstrates that any one could come back up like he did. Citations www.google.com Thank you :D
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