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Intro to Debate

No description

Willie Reaves Jr

on 2 May 2013

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Transcript of Intro to Debate

What is it all about? Debate What is debate? Persuasive argument between sides with different opinions Topic to argue about What is a resolution? Affirmative Negative
VS Elements of a debate Matter what mainly argue
the substance of your arguments
how adjudicators judge the debate Manner how you present in different ways Method how you organize what you say Team level involves unity and logic
aware of the definition and what
other speakers have said
understand the team line Individual level structure your speech well
have a clear idea of own arguments
and examples
divide your ideas clearly Evidence Examples Give evidence to support your argument(s). 1. Cue cards
Key points only
Don't rely on them too much

2. Eye contact
Look at the judge(s) and your opponents

3. Voice
Use your volume, speed, and pauses for emphasis

4. Body
make hand gestures with confidence
move your head with eye contact Motion: Space is the final frontier. Affirmative
HFC vs La Salle College Negative
HFC vs Shatin Secondary School VS -Why the topic is true -Why the topic is false
-To disagree based on evidence -To give evidence to support the topic


-frontier (Affirmative) Define the keywords: -boundless, three-dimensional extent in which objects and events occur

-flat and infinite in size What is space?

-a physical boundary separating 2 countries
-the limit of a subject matter

-The word “final” means the ultimate. What is frontier?

-we shall focus on the Earth and therefore our final frontier is always the Earth

-due to the limitation of the technology, we couldn’t confirm the answer yet Rebuttal -a satellite launched in 2003 by NASA of the US
-it drew a conclusion that space is flat and infinite by collecting data
-the error rate is less than 1% WMAP of NASA (our main evidence) Ho Fung College Vs La Salle College



-frontier Define the keywords: (Negative) -have a beginning and an end

-finite in size

-no space prior to the Big Bang What is space?

-Alternative existence, dimensions, heaven etc.

-Man's final frontier will always be curiosity to discover Why space is not the final frontier? Arguments Ho Fung College VS Shatin Govt Sec Sch Victory ! -Data & Research Food Can be about many things The Basics of Debate Team Debate Teamwork
Time Management Today's Activity Choose 4 or 5 people to save
Goal: LOGIC. Multiple possible answers
Most persuasive team wins! How to Win Logic: reasons for who you saved
Be persuasive!
Finish in allowed time
Consider alternatives! Present Multiple people tell us your list
How did you deal with the Big Issues? Be prepared!
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