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Adult Stem Cells and Embryonic Stem Cells

This tells what adult stem cells and what embryonic stem cells are, and what they do. This will have pictures and videos, about the stem cells.

Kayla Moore

on 25 October 2012

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Transcript of Adult Stem Cells and Embryonic Stem Cells

By: Kayla Moore Adult Stem Cells & Embryonic Stem Cells What are some of the current experimental ways that stem cellsare being used to treat disease and injuries? Why is there controversy about using embryonic stem cells? Some consider using embryonic stem cells for research as murder in much the same way as those oppsed to abortion view that procedure as murder. Describe the process used for harvesting embryonic stem cells. They have taken from an embryo anywhere from 4 days to several weeks after it has been fertilized,with the embryo being killed in the process. Why has government funding for stem cell research been limited? U.S. government funding for research using embryonic stem cells has been throwninto disarrau after a judge ruled that it violates laws prohibitng the destruction of human embryos. Describe the process used for harvesting adult stem cells. aking medicine that detaches the cells from the bone, an IV is then placed into the human that sucks out their blood, filters the stem cell out of the blood , and then pumps the blood back into the human. They are used to save lives. Stem cells are like clean slates and they body tells them what they have to become. You put the stem cells in the bone marrow and it can treat cancers such as leukemia and lymphoma. Describe the process of using adult stem cells to treat a specific disease. mbryonic stem cells are the cells found in a developing human embryo. Adult stem cells exist in limited amounts in most adult tissues. What is the difference between adult stem cells and embryonic stem cells? a cellular mass which forms early in the process of embryo development in mammals. What is a blastocyst? Some goes to all tissues, and the placenta. What parts of the human body contain stem cells? Once it is established from a cell in the body, is essentially immortal and can be grown in the labratory indefinitely. What is a stem cell line? Not one person has beeen cured through embryoic stem cell research. In what ways might the use of embryonic stem cells be better than the use of adult tem cells? The main advantage would be that adult stem cells could be taken from the individual they would be used in. In what ways might the use of adult stem cells be better than the use of embryonic stem cells? They never recover 100% but formerly paralized patients are far more than greatful for just being able to walk. How can stem cells be used to treat diseases and injuries?
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