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Brain Cancer

No description

Ned Carlson

on 24 August 2014

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Transcript of Brain Cancer

Brain Cancer
By Ned Carlson and Tommy Christen
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What is Cancer?
Cancer is the abnormal division and reproduction of mutated cells. It is not a transmittable disease and is most often inherited/ passed down throughout generations. There are over 100 different varieties of cancer that reside or begin in different parts of the body or vital/non vital organs. Usually, the cancer type is named after the body part it begins in.
What is
Brain Cancer?
Signs and Symptoms
The Most common symptoms for brain cancer are...
Nausea and Vomiting
Visual changes such as hallucinations or fogginess
Memory problems
Sudden onset of fever( especially in older people)
Picture Sources:
-However, the best way to know what your diagnosis is to consult a professional.-
Treatments of brain cancer
There are multiple ways to treat brain cancer. For example, one treatment is chemotherapy which uses drugs and radiation to target specific or general cancer cells. Another method is radiation therapy. This treatment uses radiation to kill of unwanted cancer cells. However, it can also effect normal cells and can have life long impacts on the patient's immune system, brain, and cells.
More types of brain cancer treatments are...
Stages of
Brain Cancer
There are no standard staging systems for brain cancer but if you record your symptoms and see a doctor every once in a while; then you can ask the to give you a professional diagnostic.
Does My Diet affect Cancer?
Diet has a very small relationship towards cancer. Artificial sweeteners can some what increase your chance of getting cancer, only if it is part of your daily diet.

Besides this, there really aren't that many. The best way to stay cancer free is to have a safe, balanced, healthy diet between all of the food groups.
So think twice before you take a bite out of me!
Information sources:
Targeted therapy: This type uses certain drugs and medicines to target specific parts of the brain as well as tumors.
Imunotherapy: Long word, refers to your immune system. This therapy targets your immune system and makes it turn against brain cancer/tumors.
Brain cancer is simply cancer in your brain. The dangerous thing about brain cancer is that since cancer is the reproduction of abnormal cells; they end up clogging blood vessels in the brain causing brain tumors which can lead to death. Brain cancer is not an uncommon type of cancer and as long as you catch it early, it will not end up taking your life.
There are several different ways that a diagnosis can be made. One way is a Cat Scan/ CT scan. This method uses a type of x-ray that scans a certain part of your body and makes it into a computer image to make a digital replica of various levels of a patient's anatomy. This provides a digital map in which scientists can study to find a possible brain tumor
Another way(which is far less expensive) is to periodically check up with a local professional and tell them about your symptoms. They can then make an inference as to what your diagnosis is
Cancer Terms:
: A prediction of the likely course of a disease.
: One of the most effective and common of cancer treatments. It mainly uses drugs and radiation to target specific types of cancer cells.
: A treatment that uses potent energy beams of radiation to destroy cancer cells in your body. The downside of this treatment is that it may also burn natural cells and damage tissues.
: The frequency or occurrence of some thing unwanted or bad such as a disease or sickness. In this case, the frequency of cancer cases.
More Terms:
: An alteration of an original organism or a changing of genetics. Cancer cells are a mutation of original cells. It can also be inherited.
: A swelling part of the body, specifically a blood vessel or lymphatic vessel, blocked by an over production/population of cells or cancer cells. An abnormal tissue growth.
: A secondary malignant growth(the spread and growth of the cancer cells from the primary growth to another location in the body).
: a substance or thing that is/has the ability to cause cancer.
: A particular type of cell division most commonly done by cancer cells.
Risk Increasers:
Strong Electromagnetic fields:
If you work in a factory where you are exposed to strong electromagnetic fields for long extended periods of time, you might have a some-what higher percentage/risk of getting cancer. This also applies to machines that use electromagnets to power themselves or attract other materials. But not instantly.
Chemical Exposure:
If you are around or consume any chemical materials constantly for extended periods of time, this will also eventually cause cancer or other major diseases. For example, if you live in a house whose walls were painted with an asbestos(a dangerous toxic chemical that was used to be used in paint,) mixture/compound, over a long time you might be at a higher cancer risk.
The most stupid of these three risk increasers, smoking is a common thing to see people doing on the street. It's bad for your health since cigarets are made with harmful and addictive substances that can yellow your teeth, kill you slowly, and enormously increase your risk of getting cancer. Don't smoke!
P.S: Surgery for brain cancer/tumors is nearly impossible considering how delicate the brain is as well as the fact that we are not technologically advanced enough in order to take on such a complicated medical procedure. However, if the brain tumor is close enough to the surface and the patient is in good health/condition, this procedure can be made.
All other pictures from prezi website.
Risk Factors:
Incidence Rate:
Brain Cancer Therapy
Brain Cancer
History of Brain Cancer
!Thank You For Listening!
There are two different types of tumors, There is a primary Tumor and a Metastatic Tumor (also known as a secondary brain tumor). A primary tumor is when the cancer begins in the brain while a Metastatic tumor is when the caner comes from a different parts of the body.
When the cells become cancerous they rapidly reproduce without control and invade your healthy cells and organs.
Being constantly or regularly exposed to oil refineries, jet fuel, or other chemical substances such as benzene.
Jobs such as chemists, embalmers, or rubber industry workers are all at a higher risk of getting/developing brain cancer.
Among all the variety of treatments, on of the most advanced is TTFields therapy. TTFields therapy is done with a device that is put on your head. This strange looking device is used to make the mutated cells kill themselves.
Greece: 27.9
Croatia: 25.7
Macedonia: 19.4
Luxembourg: 19.3
Belgium: 19.2
Poland: 17.5
Bosnia and
Herzegovia: 17.1
Norway: 16.5
Hungary: 16.3
Denmark: 16.2
In the United States there are about 100,000 people diagnosed with a Secondary or Primary brain tumor every year and around 23,130 of these cases are Primary brain Tumors.
12,770 men and 10,360 women are diagnosed with primary brain tumors yearly. 7,930 men and 6150 women die from there cancer every year. 4,300 of those people are kids and teens.
20 to 40% of people who have cancer in a different part of the body will have there cancer spread to the brain and cause a Tumor. These Tumors are known as a Secondary brain tumor. The Cancerous cells usually come from Lung, Menanoma, and Colon cancer.
An example of after TTFields therapy
Out of 100,000 people:
Throughout the course of history, brain cancer has been treated in many ways.
In medieval times, even though doctors did perform brain tumor surgery, they did not understand the fact that it was extremely difficult to perform manual surgery on a human being. They did this with the tools available and patients often suffered severe/traumatic brain damage and commonly died.
Even earlier, archaeologists have found skulls that have holes drilled or smashed into prehistoric skulls. This is thought to be a early way to treat brain cancer but would most likely kill the patient.
In early Greece, doctors used herbs and tools to help treat brain cancer/tumors.
Remember, in these cultures and time periods, doctors did not know that it was brain cancer tumors in the patient's head so they treated it as though it were a headache or sickness.
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