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Royal Life in the Middle Ages!

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Melanie Bonante

on 16 June 2014

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Transcript of Royal Life in the Middle Ages!

Royal Entertainment!
Royal Life in the Middle Ages!
By Melanie Bonante
Entertainment for the royal family!
How did the royal family get their entertainment?
Housing and Landownership!
The Royal Clothing!
In this Prezi, you will learn about the Royal Life in the Middle Ages! For example you will learn about these topics, royal entertainment, clothing the royals wore, lords, ladies, knights, feasts and royals housing/landownership!
Royals were entertained by many different
things! Like jesters and mummers. Jesters
provided songs, riddles and danced. There
were games,jousts and tournaments! Music was
another way The Royal Family could get their
entertainment. They played trumpets, lutes,
recorders, shawns, and recbecs. Jugglers,
acrobats,and minstels entertained as well.

What did the royal family wear to special events and what did they wear as causal wear?
The Royal Clothing!
The kings and queens clothing changed through out the different eras. All kings and queens clothing had the finest fabric,and the brightest colors. Only the rich wore fabulous outfits.On big events Lords and Ladies wore amazing clothing made of died wool,rich silk,and velvet embroidered and trimmed with fur. Both men and women wore jewelery and perfumed their hair and gloves.
Lords, Ladies and, Knights!
What were the lords, ladies and, knights jobs and what did they do?
Lords in the Middle Ages!
Lords in the middle ages owned all village
houses. They married a lady when very
young. Lords could demand taxes, work and,
and rent. He got fief from the king and he
had to pay taxes and find soldiers whenever
the king demanded them. Whatever the Lord
said the people have to do!

Ladies in the middle ages!
The lady was the lords wife. Her job
was to take care of the manor, run the
house and have children. The Lady
in waiting looked after the lady and
lived in the castle.
Knights in the middle ages!
What was a normal meal at a feast?
Housing and Landownership!
Where did the royal family live
and how much land did the own?
All About The King!
To become a knight you had to start out as a page, as a page you would practice with weapons and horses. Next, pages would become squires, squires taught pages and waited on the knights, once squires proved their ability, they became a knight! Knights jousted and participated in tournaments. Knights swore to be loyal to their lords. Knights wore suits of armor. Pages, squires, and knights followed a code of conduct called Chivalry.
Feasts were big occasions in the manor. Feasts never had any forks or spoons, but they did have knives.The ate with their fingers. The royals drank wine. Feasts usually had either had 3,4,5,or 6 main courses.Feasts included mutton, beef, veal, vension, fish, apples,pears, cherries, leeks, onions, cabbage and dessert, all were seasoned with herbs and spices. All feasts ended with music and dancing.
Royals in the middle ages!
The royals lived in building called castle, built by thousand of working men, usually built on steep or high hills.Castles had 3 layers a rough stone inner shell, a strong outer casting of stone, and a filling of flint/rubble. The king owned all the land in the village!
The king was the highest noble
in the land! He gave fief to his
followers, which put them in charge
of a portion of the land. He held all power
and owned all the land!
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