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How To Become a PRO GAMER!!!

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ian gomez

on 8 April 2016

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Transcript of How To Become a PRO GAMER!!!

Online matches and your permission
Bad choice's
About the alternative choice
Entering the championships
You've made it well I don't know for sure but if you did I impressed you made it this far most people have hard time at this point try as hard as you can it is very hard don't try to show off. Try using tactics and surprises in shooting games or action games, maybe puzzle games to increase your gaming predictions, board games are good . I also have a secret to getting picked the best way is by getting the best rates and being the best of the best for example you have to be one of those people that are at the top. Like for example one of those people that are most rated player and MVP. Just practice till you get to the top and be the best. And never play to much it is bad for your eyesight.
When you ever feel like your ready to show off your skills just play online matches and boom that is a quarter way to becoming a pro. When your mostly done and showed off your skills you should finish the game so then get others and more and more. That's when you should start entering tournaments but with permission always ask permission to a relative. I started with easy ones for example I entered the Mario Kart 8 tournament 200 cc and almost won so always start easy and go on till you make to a championship.
Living the Dream of a Pro Gamer
I prefer the alternative choice because one technically your an engineer and its fun when creating games because you get to make anything you want in the game and you could think outside the box being creative and playing your own game and showing your friends I think that choice is the best choice to choose from because sometimes you learn and when making another game I mean ask your friends ask your friends to add something to your game.
Here is a alternative choice you could do what I just said and after that don't become a pro gamer and become a gaming creator and create the game and you will be the pro at that game you just created but you will have to go to school for that and learn coding and other things you need to know.
Practice as much as you can
First of all you should have a gaming counsel for this stuff to even happen or at least a phone. Secondly, you should be able to get as much as time as possible so you can get started on your practicing. So what you want to do for the rest of your weekend you could be practicing on your skills for example a good game for that is super Mario Maker it will help you learn the element of surprise and help you doge or if you prefer old school one of the hardest ones is duck hunt its a game where you basically shoot down ducks or birds that could increase your hand-eye-coordination for fast reflexes.
By: Ian and massai
How To Become a PRO GAMER!!!

Alternative choice
You should never ever play games your not so pose to even if you just want to try it out NO that is why they rate that game once your old enough you can and one thing sometimes when you enter championships they have games you can't play so always check or sometimes don't worry they tell you if your to young. Down below are some games you should not play if your 16 and under. These games include violence, swears and curses, also nudity. So avoid these games till your 18,19,or 20. But I suggest never ever play these games.
You could make a fortune when winning a championship you could get a golden trophy that's like the dream of a pro gamer right there I have never won a trophy but you have a 90% chance of getting a trophy and when you get you will be the best of the best.
"I have not won I have simply just made to the top"- 2016 Nintendo champion.
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