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"Go Carolina" by David Sedaris

No description

Erin Chaney

on 19 May 2014

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Transcript of "Go Carolina" by David Sedaris

Born December 26 ,1952 in Johnson city, New York.
He is an author and comedian.
Has written many novels
Second born of six children.
Got much inspiration from his family.
-"The agent came for me during a geography lesson. She entered the room and nodded at my fifth-grade teacher, who stood frowning at a map of Europe. My capture had been scheduled to go down at exactly 2:30 on a Thursday afternoon" (Sedaris 1).
-"Whereas my goal was to keep it a secret, hers was to inform the entire class"(Sedaris 4)
Internal conflict
- "[Agent Samson] was probably thinking along the lines of SPEECH THERAPY LAB, though a more appropriate marker would have read FUTURE HOMOSEXUALS OF AMERICA" (Sedaris 5).
-"It was the first battle of my war against the letter s, and I was determined to dig my foxhole before the sun went down. According to Agent Samson, a state certified speech therapist, I lisped"(Sedaris 3).

By David Sedaris
"Go Carolina"
The Life of David Sedaris
The chapter "Go Carolina"
Connection to American Contemporary Literature.
Work Cited
Memoir: It's a collect of memories from the author's life told in a story.
Essay: prose composition with a focused subject of discussion.
Autobiography:The retelling of a person life told by the person themselves.

The story is based by his memories when he was a child.

Very well written
The first chapter in Sedaris novel "Me Talk Pretty One Day"
This chapter talks about the Sedaris life in grade school.
The reader follows along as the narrator goes through life and find out many things about.
The whole story begins with an analysis of crime scenes.
David is embarrassed about the therapy so he finds way to get around his lisp.
At one point in the story David begins to realize that he not like many of the other boys at his school.
David does not have a liking for Ms.Samson through most of the story.
But, at the end the two have a final sit down where David learns things about Ms.Samson that change his view on her as a person.
In the end David realizes that he is homosexual and the reader finally understands the metaphor in which the story is written.
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"Go Carolina" Continued
Literary analysis
Karla Castellanos, Erin Chaney
Dominique English, Mia Nagy
Eng III/Period.5
Full transcript