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Burt's Bees

MC 4034 Group 3 Project

Tyler Carlos

on 20 September 2013

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Transcript of Burt's Bees

Michael Duke
Andrea Rivera
Chelsea Merricks
Brand History
Who are we and what do we believe?
Who are We Up Against?
The competition and what they're up to.
Marketing Problem
What are we hoping to accomplish?
Our brand not getting enough attention from primary audience.
How can we increase sales of our product enough that we can effectively compete with the larger brands in the market?
Who is the Target?
Who are we going after?
Primary Target: Women 18-24
Secondary Target: Women 35-44
Strategies & Tactics
Tyler Carlos
Ebony Nicholas
David Robichaux
Media Budget
Media Objectives
Then There's Us
Product/Brand Analysis
Product Life Cycle
Advertising Expenditure Analysis
Marketing Objective
Media Mix
Advertising Flowchart and Budget Constraints
Creative Strategy
Promotion Strategy & IMC Efforts
So, overall...
One of the only all-natural and organic personal care product manufacturers

Follows environmental philosophy
All containers recycled plastic
All-natural ingredients
Print with vegetable-based inks
1984: Started in Maine
1991: Switched to lip balm
Market Share Analysis
Interactive with consumers
Advertising done through a variety of media
Product marketed toward men and women
Very high market share among competitors
Very cheap

Not following the all-natural trend
Young audience very attracted to environmental philosophy of company.
Sales have increased.
High reach to women.
Transparent with their clients.
Brand awareness low, especially among men.
Advertising campaigns fairly limited.
Paid advertising is mostly print.
Competitors have better interactive strategies. Expensive product.
Brand image very feminine.
Burt’s Bees can expand target market to a more male oriented audience.
Become a more interactive brand with customers using alternative advertising and trying to make audience more involved.
Started with "Raise Your Burt" campaign, but declined afterward.
Competitors have stronger brand recognition.
Men feel more identified with competitors' brands.
Competitors have stronger interaction with customers.
We intend to increase sales by 20-30% in the next 12 months within our target market, that is, women 18-24.
Advertising Objective
Main advertising objective to increase brand awareness among target audience.
Our brand not known well enough
People don’t know about wide selection brand has to offer or how natural products are.
We intend to fix that through our new ad campaign.
Based on research, we discovered women ages 18-24 are 30 percent more likely to use our product than the average consumer in the U.S.
It is for this reason that we chose this demographic as our target audience.
Age: 20
School: Penn State
Hometown: Chicago, IL
Major: Secondary Education
Hobbies: English, Photography, Ice Skating, Late-Night Movies

"I was born and raised in the North, and I still live there to this day. I’ve gotten into the habit of bringing my Burt’s Bees with me everywhere I go to protect myself from the cold temperatures!”
Age: 35
Facts: Mother of 3 (2 boys, 1 girl)
Hometown: San Francisco, CA
Occupation: Hospital Receptionist

“I love how natural Burt’s Bees is. My kids have sensitive skin, and I can put my worries to rest knowing the all-natural ingredients in Burt’s Bees will keep my children’s lips healthy.”
Allocating hefty portion of budget away from traditional print medium
Beginning new campaign online through social media.
Internet much more widely used medium among our target audience than any other media
Will give our client cost efficient medium to advertise in, opportunity to begin ongoing conversation with consumers and effective way to reach audience
Will hopefully drive up sales
Research indicated consumers in Northeast and West are heaviest lip balm users, where it’s cold and dry, respectively.
We plan to advertise heavily in the Northeast— 60 percent of our campaign
40 percent will be placed in the West.
Implementing pulsing schedule for campaign.
While it’s true that lip balm use is heaviest during winter, people still use it year-round.
75 percent of advertising will be placed from October to February.
Beginning in October because winter is approaching; advertising will give consumers “heads up” that they should start buying lip balm to prepare for the cold months.
We will advertise from November to February because those are the coldest months of the year, where winter is at its peak.
Total media budget=$3.3 million
40 percent ($1.3 million) - Digital
60 percent ($2.02 million) - Print
As lip balm, product in maturity stage.
As all-natural, niche lip balm, product in growth stage.
Because of this, reach and frequency is vital.
Strong interaction with consumers online

Small advertising budget
Reach and frequency is impacted by only using print
More diverse advertising media
Fairly strong interaction with consumers online

Small advertising budget
Social presence limited only to Facebook
Using proposed media plan, we came up with estimates for desired overall coverage and exposure to advertising message.
For primary targets—women 18-24—goal is to have reach of 75% and frequency of 4.
If planned and implemented strategically, could be very effective.
For secondary target—women 35-44—goal is to have reach of 65% and frequency of 3.
If met, goals will allow increase in range of people exposed to Burt’s Bees
Will also increase average ad exposure throughout the year.
For primary target (women 18-24), our main media outlet will be the Internet.
Young target has high Internet presence
We will use social media—Facebook, Twitter, Pandora, Pinterest, and Instagram—to keep people engaged and initiate media conversations.
Banner ads and online commercials could be very beneficial as well.
Still maintaining presence in print arena.
Target audience does not have the highest of readerships within print, but it can still be an effective medium to utilize
Will give opportunity for storytelling through ads.
Emphasize natural formula
Made with all-natural ingredients.
Trend to move toward more eco-friendly products, and this works very well in Burt’s Bees favor.
Reinforce “natural” theme in various ways.
E.g. placing ads on recycled paper, display ingredients as found in nature
This shows consumer our honesty in the "all-natural" saying.
For Internet ads, we can include natural beauty facts.
We will use IMC to maximize impact on consumers and other end users.
IMC will focus on building long-term relationships with consumers.We want to build trust and brand loyalty with target audience.
Done through advertising and PR through social media and print
To determine success, we'd first turn to sales.
If revenue from sales increases, we can assume our plan was effective
Next, we would turn to social media presence.
Monitor social media mentions of Burt’s Bees
Also look at amount of Facebook and Twitter users have begun to follow brand.
If social following increases, the plan will be deemed successful.
Share of Voice
Media Mix
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