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Masters of Photo

No description

Yuka Yoshida

on 10 December 2010

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Transcript of Masters of Photo

Click anywhere & add an idea Who took these pictures? Changing New York 1935 1935 1938 Berenice Abbott Do you know who did it? She spent two years for studying sculpture in Paris and Berlin. She didn't know anything about photo. In 1923, she started to study and work
as a photographer in Man Ray's studio in Berlin. In 1898, in Springfield, Ohio, she was born. In 1921, Berenice went to Europe. In 1925, Man Ray introduced her to Eugène Atget's photographs. She became a really good admirer of his work. She started takeing pictures of New York after visiting an American publisher for Atbot's photo. Her first photo of New York was taken with a hand-held Kurt-Bentzin camera, but soon she acquired a Century Universal camera which was bigger. Abbott worked on her New York project independently for six years. Throughout her career, her photography was very much a display
of the rise in development in technology and society. The end.
Thank you =)
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