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Chapter 3 - Section 3

No description

Ben Robinson

on 22 February 2018

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Transcript of Chapter 3 - Section 3

Judah in the Way
The Spread of Judaism
Rebel Fight Syria
Roman Control
Syria Controls Judah
Syrians and Romans
Rule the Day
In 198 B.C. Syria takes Judah
Some Jews


Greek beliefs

while others

Jewish religion
Then in 175 B.C. Greek gods where put in the
Temple of Jerusalem and it became a crime to

and study Jewish religion
164 B.C.
Conquers Judea
in 63 B.C.
We Romans will choose your kings. Now doesn't that sound fair.
Roman Ramp
Masada Fortress
A.D. 70
Titus puts down the rebellion
Romans storm Jerusalem and destroy Solomon's Temple, again
The remaining wall of
Solomon's Temple
After the Romans destroyed Temple, again Jews fled to
other parts of the world.
Keep the
Although the
Jews were scattered,
they kept their faith.
They went to synagogues to worship.
They learned from rabbis and the Torah.
Ruled by Foreigners
Israel was in such
a great location
people just wanted
to conquer it.
I don't want
to worship
Greek gods!
The rebel Maccabees battled and defeated the powerful Syrian forces!
And regained
control of
The Masada Zealot
leaders meets the
Roman commander.
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