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SAP Screen Personas

SAP Screen Personas overview

Michel Mouttet

on 15 April 2014

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Transcript of SAP Screen Personas

SAP Screen Personas
How to make it happens?
A few SAP content about this new feature
Who make it happens?
Why Screen Personas?
Technical environment & limitations
As a user or a consultant, have you ever been thinking how SAP can looks bad, like an antique software, with complexes screens and a well know ugliness?
With all the new tools around the corner, with fancy screens, using different kind of technologies like HTML 5, Javascripts or Silverlight®
we can now see real improvements made to user interfaces
We all use services like Facebook®, Google mail or our bank accounts which are using rich graphical interface, intuitive utilization, that makes you addicts to theses. Why professional tools have to look so bad, and we do not like using them...
So SAP made it!
SAP regular menu screen
SAP Screen Personas customized menu screen
Much nicer!
As shown before, this is the regular SAPGUI flavor (with the use of the WEBGUI).
You only use a few transaction?
Not much fun!
Imagine an end user who only use a few SAP transactions :
Here we can see a menu entry for the transactions BP and PA20.

Also, with actions buttons to change your password with a selected user
Launch transaction button
Lauch action button
Don't you think, your end user will love
Screen Personas flavors?
Simple menus, nice design..
and much more!
SAP Screen Personas is all about making end user life's easier. By adding better designed presentations for your information system, you will improve your employees happiness using it and also increase business user efficiency.
Business consultant, who are seeing a better way to approach SAP complexity by rendering it more attractive and easy to use. Reduce the time and cost of personalizing screens and accelerate learning curves of new users.

The IT department will also like it!
It makes large improvement over design and actions on sap screens, faster than ever.
Increased user satisfaction by simplifying complex screens and automating repetitive tasks with a reduced cost of personalization and also decreased training time for SAP software users.

It works with all Dynpros
Only a web browser is needed
The consultants can improve their ideas.
Keep the screen simple to user, the a reduce amount of fields, make disappear the ones you do not user. Only get the context you need.
Complexes actions can also be reduced

The end users also can be implied into the modifying process, by beeing allowed to customized themself for their needs. Using
Drag and Drop approach, it never been so simple to make your own screens, how you like them.
The only information needed
SAP Screen Personas software lets IT
personalize SAP GUI screens with minimaltime and eff ort for different users while maintaining full control over changes.
Using a drag-and-drop approach, you
can hide fields or move them around to
make screens more usable and visually
appealing. The modification interface is built in the Screen Personas web service and easy as a click to edit.
Screen Personas does not require development skills or ABAP knowledge to modify common SAP ERP screens
Simply edit menu screen by adding buttons. There is a direct interface, in the web service, that allow the modifications. The screens are designed with canevas, transactions buttons and actions buttons.
Define your own layout. keeps it like it used to be.. or rearrange as you wich!
Change every thing on your standards Dynpros.
It also work with your created transactions.
Simplify the screens, make them with the needed
fields, tabs and grids
Get repetitive actions recorded!
With action recording, you add even more productivity. Eliminates steps.

Only works with Dynpro.
For now, Screen personas can only be used the ABAP dynpros displayed through the WEBGUI interface.
Also it is a web interface, as now, you can not use CSS style. You can only use canvas and images within the screens.
Screen Personas do not depends on a specific EHP, however you need at least the Kernel level 7,21
Not much things are needed to make it works!
Only the limitations seen before
How it can looks
SAP teaser
SAP overview
Fetching data from a different screen
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