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The Tiger Rising

by kiersten pack

kiersten pack

on 20 September 2012

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Transcript of The Tiger Rising

THE TIGER RISING BOOK COVER by Kate Dicamillo by kiersten pack Rob Horton, Rob Horton is a 12 year old boy. Who lost his mother from cancer. At her funeral he put all his feelings in a metaphoric suit case and locked them up until now. He lives with his dad and now a special change has happened to him characters Sistine Bailey Sistine's parents are divorced.She thinks that she will leave to Florida with her dad soon. That's what she wants to believe.And soon she will meet to special people or things. Beauchamp Is the owner of the kentucky star hotel.And the tiger.When him and rob goes to the back of the motel and into the woods he gives rob a bucket of meat and the keys to feed the tiger because he is scared of the tiger and dosn't want to feed him Willie May Willie May is the house keeper.She is the second person that rob told about the tiger aside form Sistene Bailey. SETTING THE SETTING IS .IN THE FOREST .AT THE HOTEL .ON THE SCHOOL BUS .AND AT SCHOOL THE TIGER THE TIGER IS LIVING WITH BEAUCHAMP IN THE WOODS BEHIND THE HOTEL. UNTIL TH END the genre The genre is realistic fiction because it could have happened but it did not realistic fiction book HAVE YOU EVER THOUGHT WOULD HAPPEN: What attached me to the book: When Sistine Bailey see's the tiger the love and attachment got me hooked into this book. Short summary: In the beginning robs mom dies from cancer and he keeps his feelings locked up.He moves to the Kentucky star and he gets helped on the bus by a girl. Short Summary: In the beginning robs mother dies and he puts all of his feelings in a metaphoric suitcase.Then a girl named Sistine helps because they should stop bullying rob on the bus and they know each other.Middle Beauchamp shows rob the tiger and makes him feed it.Rob shows Sistine and she wants to set the tiger free.End Sistine and Rob lets the tiger go and it is set free.The tiger gets shot and Rob and Sistine find out.Rob and Sistine have a funeral for the tiger. WHAT I LIKE: What i like about the book is the emotion and the sensitivity and how its rely like your a person there watching what is happening. Your walking through the woods and see a tiger pacing around in a cage.You run away and only tell two people about it.If you have never then you should read the book the tiger rising 1-10 I would give this book a 10 because its a very emotional book and thanks to that i think that it was a great book. 10 Would i change anything in the book i would say no because i loved the way the author wrote it and the way that the characters reacted. SOME OTHER BOOKS YOU MIGHT LIKE . BECAUSE OF WIN DIXIE
. THE MAGICIANS ELAPHANT would i recommend: yes i would recommend this book to Allie,Kalista,Anabell,and Cladia because this book is just like the books they have been reading with emotion mystery and more the authors purpose: the authors purpose was to simply entertain the reader entertain conclusion My conclusion is that i think this book was a great book and i would recommend a lot of people to read it.So since this presentation is over i hope you learned a whole lot full of stuff about my book.But for now here are some extras.
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