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Teen Wolf

No description

Mia'Helen Cleckley

on 18 November 2013

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Transcript of Teen Wolf

Teen Wolf
Scott McCall
Scott is the main character of the TV series Teen Wolf. On the first episode.His best friend Stiles tells him about a dead body the police find the woods.He goes out to look for the dead body and ends up getting bit by a werewolf and loses his inhaler. The next he goes to find the body he saw in the woods the night before. In class he starts to sense thing he shouldn't be able sense.Later on in the season he starts accept the fact that he is werewolf, and he can use his werewolf powers to protect his non-werewolf friends. In Season2 he starts to use his werewolf powers to help protect himself and his friends from the Kanima.
Derek Hale
Derek is werewolf by genetic lycanthropy passed down through his family. He isa Beta werewolf,later on in the season Derek kills the previous Alpha werewolf and he becomes the new alpha. In Season 2, Derek finds three teens who have dark histories to become a part of his pack.Two members of his pack runaway to find a new pack or become omegas.
Stiles Stilinski
Stile is Scott's best friend.He's the one who uses sarcasm as his only defense.He doesn't turn into a werewolf at all in the season.He wishes he could help and protect his father in some way, feeling he can't because he does not have supernatural abilities. Stiles stays a normal teenager throughout

Soon he gets tired of trying not to get in the way of werewolfs.
Derek Hale
When Derek was a teen he fell in love with a girl who was not a werewolf so he asked his uncle to turn her into a werewolf, but when Peter bit her she did not turn into the werewolf so she would eventually die. Derek broke her spine to end her pain quickly, causing his eyes to turn from from yellow to blue, because he killed someone innocent and darkening his soul.
This explains mostly Stiles character throughout the Season 2 of Teen Wolf. He has ADHD-attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.He is basicly a sarcastic type of character.

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