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Miss Grant's Class Complements

No description


on 25 May 2014

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Transcript of Miss Grant's Class Complements

That is Miss Grant
Jade: Jade is funny, cute, and loves animal jam.
That is Jade Rosetti!

Alex: Alex is nice and is ALWAYS is focused, but when it's time to play, he's fun. That's Alex Diaz-Herquindes! (Or however you spell his last name!)

Emma: Emma is funny, energetic, and always ready to play! That's Emma Pare!

Mateo: Mateo is smart, funny, and VERY playful. That's Mateo Ruby!
Jade, Alex, Emma, and Mateo
That is me when I was 7.
Madison: Madison is funny, creative, and is very nice. That's Madison Fulbright!

Taylan: Taylan has a great imagination, he is hilarious and is supernice!!! That is Taylan Hammons

Neveah: Neveah is a peacemaker, forgiveful, and creative. That's Neveah Barlow!

Jaylen: Jaylen is funny, has a big imagination, and not afraid to be himself. That's Jaylen Johnson-Miles!
Madison, Taylan, Neveah, and Jaylen
Westerly Creek Elementary
Sarah: Sarah is
Sarah, Peter, Angelina, and Magok
Miss Grant's Class Complements

EVERYONE from you to me!

This is an inspirational video
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