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Penny in the dust

No description

Savita Ayyalasomayajula

on 13 January 2014

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Transcript of Penny in the dust

Penny in the dust
* The theme is the relation between father and the son.!
Symbolism 2:
The penny also represents the wealth of their family. The shining, golden penny represents a life that Dan was fantasizing about, where the father owned a mowing machine and automobile. The other type of life Dan and his father have currently, is where the father works for a suspended amount of time in the fields, and they rarely talk.


Author Biography
Ernest Buckler was born in 19th of July, 1908.
He died in 4th of march 1984 at the age of 75.
He was born in West Dalhousie, Nova Scotia.
The other works of him: The Hamess, The Locket, The clumsy one, long long after school.
He was a scholarship student and a philosophy student.
One of his novels "The mountain and valley" is described as the best novel from last 50 years.
Buckler lived his life farming.
As he lived on a farm he observed immensely and devoloped interest in writing stories.

Ernest Buckler

Ernest Buckler
The setting takes place in Nova Scotia on a farm.
Sun- still fields in the evening.
Blue berry barrens.
August afternoon (dry, sunny and hot)
Dusty road( It implies it was a small town rather than a city).
Theme Statement 1:
Love is sometimes unspoken but still unheard.
Theme statement 2:
Sometimes you don't know the value of something until you lose it.
Symbolism 1: The penny represents the type of relationship that Dan had with his father. while he had the penny, he was imagining that he and his father were different people, who were richer, and owned nicer things. This is represented by the golden, shining penny. However, Dan's father takes the penny back. Their relationship is not like this: What Dan is used to is black pennies, or a relationship where his father worked all day and never held Dan on his knee, but they understood each other

Symbolism 3
: " I wondered though, why he hesitated and then put the penny back in his own pocket". This act by Dan's father could be so that he could keep the penny close to his heart, a hidden-but -loving action. The father wanted to always be reminded of his son, and to remember that time in their lives. It later becomes evident that Dan's father hesitated beacuse he was surpised and touched by Dan's honesty and emotions.
An example of irony in "penny in the dust" is how Dan's father has tears in his eyes when Dan tells him about loosing the penny. Their father-son relation-ship is distant, awkward and formal. So Dan would have expected his father to be mad or disappointed with him for loosing the penny, but he din't. Dan's father had never shown this emotion until this moment in the story. But now he shows that emotion.

connection to a poem
Explanation and connections
This poem connects to the short story ‘Penny in the Dust’’ by sharing the connection of the fear to disappoint ones family do to a little cause. In the Penny in the Dust, Dan loses his penny that his father gave him and is afraid that his father would be disappointed in him because his father gave him that penny, that “Shining Penny” that Dan treasured so much. And in the poem listen above its the roles have been switch, the person is describing the way his/her lover use to treat him/her and that she loans for that and is thinking that she he is disappointed in her because of that! Either way both are afraid of the disappointment that they would cased on the one that loved them.

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