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Amy K

on 6 January 2013

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By: Ann M. Martin
Genre: Realistic Fiction
Created by: Amy Kim A CORNER OF THE UNIVERSE Setting The Main Characters Problem Solution and Conclusion Climax . Hattie: Hattie Owen is a girl who lives with her mom and dad in millerton. She is a shy girl and has no friends expect Betsy and adults.
Jonathan: Jonathan Owen is the father of Hattie Owen. He is a artist and has a free spirit. Hattie's grandparents disapprove of Jonathan because he runs a boardinghouse and doesn't have a real job.
Adam Mercer: Adam is Hattie's uncle. He is 21 years old and is mentally disabled. Adam's parents ( Hattie's grandparents) sent him to a special school when he was a young child. Adam comes home for the summer because his school is closed, needs a place to live. The problem of the story is that Adam had hung himself and died.Because He fell in love with a girl named Angel and Adam found her with a boyfriend and got upset so he ran away. The climax of the story is Adam's death and his funeral. Towards the end of the story, Adam kills himself. Adam had fallen in love with Angel Valentine, a young women who was living in Owen's boardinghouse. One day, Adam arrives at the boardinghouse with flowers for Angel. He finds her with a boyfriend. He is devastated and runs off. Adam's family searches for him for hours, but the police finally find him dead. Adam had hung himself behind Nana and Papa's shed.Adam's funeral is on August 2, 1960,on a happy and a bright sunny day. This story takes place in the town of Millerton in the 1960's. Millerton is a typical small town, probably somewhere in the MIdwest, where everyone seems to know each other and everyone likes to gossip.
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